Saturday, 6 October 2012

I think I'm going into LABOUR!!!!

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Greetings *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:
I think I’M GOING INTO LABOUR! Yes, since six o clock yesterday evening I started having contractions every hour and it stayed at that frequency until a few hours ago where they have become a lot more frequent and a lot more STRONGER!
At the moment there about twenty minutes apart and I’m really hoping this is the real deal because I don’t want to wait any longer. Pain-wise I prefer these contractions than the pain I’ve been feeling throughout this pregnancy. I know most of you reading this will be probably thinking “what the hell, she prefers contractions over…” But yes, compared to the Sciatica, SPD, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Musculoskeletal Pain and the other entire problem I prefer labour contractions!
Anyway, I’m going to go as staying in one position is not possible at the moment and typing is quite hard. So, hopefully the next time you hear from me will be when my unborn sprog is born.
Until next time,
:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:


  1. oooo good luck!! cant wait to see some updates :) x

  2. So exciting!!I hope it goes well!!

  3. Hope this is it for you lovely- looking forward to a birth announcement in the near future!! x


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