Tuesday, 31 July 2012

♥ July Highlights ♥

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This month has been a wonderful month for me with a few ill-spells. So, I thought I’d be great to end the month of July with a post that highlights all the little things that made this month so pleasant. Being pregnant, I’ve realised that it’s the small, tiny things that tend to have the most effect on me!

Here are the lovely moments captured in little boxes that should give you a good idea of my July 
(And by the way before you say anything, I'd like to say my life in general is centred around food so please don't be surprised about the amount of these moments are food related!):

:: Highlights of the month of July Part 1 ::
Indoor Summer Sunshine Party Surprise Mama Mio Pregnancy Treat I made my first Cinnamon Rolls Iftar Planning for the first of Ramadan Midnight-Pizza, Yummy! Small Strolls with my wild child all dressed for summer even though it was more like winter Baked a fruit cake after four years Fun-day in the Library Giving my sisters a cheeky wish list for unborn sprog’s items

:: July Highlights Part 2 ::
Indian Themed Iftar I've been loving my Dorma Duvet Ate three pieces of Chocolate Fudge cake this month Mughlai Kofta Curry Wonderful Evenings to go shopping Loving Bed-time with my Wild Child Another first, my very own Banoffee Pie My new found love, Angry Words This is what I woke upto today, Roses and sunshine on one plate. Wonderful Don't you think?

Well, those are some of my July Highlights, what are yours?

That's all for me for now, so until next time,

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Monday, 30 July 2012

All-time Favourite Children's Books

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While putting my wild child to bed tonight, I realised that even though he’s four years old, his all-time favourite books haven’t changed much since he could choose his own book and he started doing that from the age of 13 months.

I and wild child’s father love reading whether that’s his daily paper or my conspiracy fiction and it’s a passion that I wanted to make sure our child take inherits. So, we both have read to him nearly every day since he entered this world but my wild child’s first experience of story time wasn’t here in our home it was in his first home, my womb. The first time I read to him was the day I found out I was pregnant (wow, that was five years ago, how time flies?).

Tonight, I realised my wild child’s favourites book from a few years ago are still the ones he reaches for alongside with other additions. So, I thought I’d share his favourites with you, well our all-time favourites:

:: My Wild Child's All-time Favourite Books ::

The Hungry Caterpillar
This is one of his first books and he has loved it. Especially the page with all the food on it for all seven days! I personally love this book because the story’s so simple but interesting with all the different foods and the vivid colours. I think this is a great baby book as it’s catchy to the eyes and my wild child even found it interactive as he could stick his little tiny fingers into the wholes which are on each food. The story is about a caterpillar from when he is an egg, all the way to when he turns into a butterfly. It concentrates on the food that he eats on each day.

The Best Nest
This book was also an addition when he was still a newborn. I just loved the colours, little bits of glitter and the big pictures which make my eyes want to pop out. From when he was a baby he loved the noisy words, such as “Splish! Splosh!”, “Crunch! Scrunch!” and “Swish! Swish!”  The story is about an owl that finds his own home too squashy and leaves to explore the habitats of other animals that look so comfortable but realising none of them are suitable for him he returns to his nest after concluding that’s the only one that’s right for him.

Tabby Mctat
This is a book, I’ve probably ready more times than I’ve read anything else in my lifetime! My wild child went through a phase where we had to read this to him every night whether it was on its own or after another book but whatever the case it had to be read to him. Now, his settled down but still reaches for every so often. The pictures are more full compared to the other books, which is nice as there’s more things too look at or in our case “find”. My son loves everything about this book but especially the rhymes which are my favourite as well. The story is about Tabby Mctat, a cat who loses his long-time busker friend and initially they both have no-luck finding each other, so they get on with their lives. Tabby Mctat finds a new home, a wife and has kittens but still misses his busker friend so he goes to look for him and one day finds him, but then he realises that he prefers the his new but doesn’t want to upset the busker, however to his luck his youngest kitten wishes to be the buskers cat which is the happy ending to the story.

So, those are my wild child’s all-time favourite books, what are your child/children’s all-time favourite books?

Bed-time for me so until next time,

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

28th Week: Hot, Hot, Hot!

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Okay, if you live in London, then you should understand by what I mean when I say it’s been HOT, HOT, HOT! And, you might think of me as a miserable, cold person but I don’t like the hot weather. So, this hasn’t been one of my greatest or most comfortable of weeks.

My 28th week has been very painful and mainly due to the Sciatica in my right leg so I’ve had quite a few sleepless nights during this week. Also I haven’t been able to leave the house during the whole week due to crushing pelvic pain. So I’ve been housebound, hot, frustrated due to the humidity (literally feels like there's no air to breath at times) and putting on loads of weight as I’m resorting to a lot of comfort food! Oh, aren’t I going to have a serious breakdown after I give birth to this sprog when I realise how much weight I’ve put on.

:: I ate two slices of Delicious Chocolate Fudge Cake, Very Naughty ::
This week’s been one of those weeks where my curiosity has taken a good hold on me. Earlier on in this hot week I decided to find out “why pregnancy cravings occur?” Click HERE if you would like to find out why and then I decided to do some research on baby products that I’m planning to get (didn’t get far there just confused myself so I need your help, Click HERE to help me please) Yesterday, my wild child decided to drive me up the wall, it might have been the combination of the extremely humid and hot weather with him full of energy alongside with myself being really hungry and weak (NOT A PLEASANT SCENARIO). The whole situation got me wondering about how other mothers manage with their children while being pregnant and I decided to approach mothers in that particular situation out there through a blog post, click HERE if you would like to read it. Last night, I came across some fascinating information on “Co-Sleeping”, the term used to describe mothers/parents sleeping with their newborns/children. So, this piqued my interest so much that I decided to pose mothers/parents with a question “what’s your opinion on Co-sleeping?” If it’s something that piques your interest as much as mine then click HERE.

My unborn sprog is happily joining in with the Olympics in my womb, kicking and pushing down on my pelvic as hard as it can. When my midwife visited this week we heard the horse racing (what my wild child describes the baby’s heartbeat as). The bubble baby sounds fine and according to the measurements of my tummy he/she is growing fine.

So, my 28th week which started of hot, frustrating, painful is now coming to an end and surprisingly it’s not as hot anymore, the sciatica has calmed down and I feel relaxed. Hopefully, the week starting tomorrow will carry on this pleasant rhythm.

Now then, that’s my 28th week. How was/is yours? Come and share your week’s story by commenting below.

That’s all for now so until next time,

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Co-sleeping, parents sharing the bed with their children

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The plan was to go sleep after watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony but nearly two and half hours later I’m still wide awake. Therefore, I decided I was going to talk you about something that has been on my mind since I’ve found out I’m pregnant, Co-sleeping. Co-sleeping is the term to describe a mother sleeping with her newborn or young children in the same bed.

The reason I want to talk about this is because I’m for sharing a bed with my newborn, I did so with my wild child and I’m planning to do so with this unborn sprog once the time comes. But, I’ve come across a lot of information that isn’t totally against co-sleeping but highlights the best place for a baby/child is a cot in the same room as the parents. This information doesn’t make me doubt my choice but does make me feel that my choice isn’t supported. I know that organisations believe that a cot is the best place for your child/baby because it reduces the risks of SIDs (Sudden Infant Deaths) and also any chance of the baby/child being accidently suffocated by the parents etc. However, statistically, the level of risk for children those die from SIDS while co-sleeping are the same as the level for children that die from SIDS while sleeping in a cot, so why aren’t we told that the risks are the same? As for children being accidently suffocated  by the parent/s, bedding or even the risk of dropping of the bed, all of these hazards can be prevented in the same manner parents take precautions even when a child sleeps in a cot.

I believe its personal preference but the idea of placing my child in a separate bed/cot/basket straight after he/she spent nine months in my womb doesn’t sit well with me. My wild child wouldn’t sleep unless he was in my arms and I tried letting him cry himself to sleep, talking to him, singing, walking around until he fell asleep then putting him in the cot but nothing worked, however the moment I got into bed with him I didn’t need to do anything he fell asleep and hardly woke up through-out the night. Now looking back I believe co-sleeping helped us bond stronger and helped us build a routing in sync with each other. And, those are some of the reasons I’m not even planning on buying a cot this time, just a bed rail.

If you think about the amount of people around the world that share a bed with the children, how we survived before cots/baskets/cribs were invented, you’d probably understand what I mean when I say it can’t be unsafe, it’s natural if anything. But the question is what do you think of co-sleeping? Are you for or against co-sleeping and why?

Well, that’s it for tonight my lovelies, until next time,

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Managing children while Pregnant

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Arghhhhh, I feel like pulling out my hair. It’s hot, I’m hungry and my four year old won’t stop throwing tantrums. On any other day I’d be able to ignore his little outbursts, they normally make me laugh! But, today I feel like my head’s splitting. So, I’m wondering how you mothers out there manage with your children while being pregnant. What are your secrets? Does it come naturally or is there a method to the madness?

I know it’s one of those things that you seem to find ways once you’re in the situation but it must be hard at times, I know it is for me and I only have one child. So, what about you mothers that have more than one child? My wild child normally doesn’t cause me much trouble and even today I think it’s more the weather and the pregnancy that’s consumed me but his tantrums are just topping it off.

So far in this pregnancy I’ve found it quite easy coping with being pregnant as well as a mother mentally (physically is a whole different story) compared to how I anticipated I was going to cope.  But, I believe I can’t really compare myself to other mothers out there that have to deal with the care of their children as well as themselves, as my wild child’s care is mostly (about 80%) maintained by his father and his father also takes care of my health and the household chores!  The hardest thing for me is coping with my wild child’s energy physically. I’m too tired normally to interact with him in any way that requires movement or some heavy breathing. At times my mood also affects in how I react to his excitement for example I find him too loud that I feel like going deaf but that’s about it for my struggle. So in all honesty, I have no idea on how it feels to be a pregnant mother that juggles everything together.

So, if you are one of those mothers than please share your experience as I’m really curious about how it feels and how it’s managed.

I hope to hear from you lovelies and I’m going to leave it here for now,

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Early Morning Window Shopping for Baby Essentials

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Why am I window shopping for baby essentials at this time? You may ask. Well, I don’t think my body could take any more lying/sleeping so about half an hour ago, I decided to get out of bed just to realise that it’s only five o clock in the morning! I was actually thinking it was at least eight o clock when I woke up but no, I obviously can’t tell the time. And being pregnant one of the things that never leaves my mind is Baby Things!

So, with nothing to do and nothing to watch on tele, I resorted to window shopping for the essentials I’m planning to buy for my little unborn sprog. I’ve found quite a few bits & bobs but I think I’ve managed to really confuse myself as I really don’t know which ones I want to get. Have I confused you yet? I hope I haven’t because I’m hoping you can help with these shopping decisions.

So, here’s the conundrum:

:: Fisher-Price Smart Stages 3 in 1 VS Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance ::

A baby bouncer/rocker/swing is one of the things I feel is really necessary for me to get for my unborn sprog as I doubt my arms are going to have much strength to carry him/her much. Also, my bedroom is upstairs which I’m going to be sharing with my baby and I’m really not comfortable leaving my child upstairs while I’m downstairs in the living room or kitchen. So, the problem is I can’t decide on which one I should get. I have found many that I like but the two main contenders are:

The £85.95, Fisher-Price is a open-top swing, an infant seat which can be taken out of the swing and a toddler rocker all-in-one, which I think is absolutely great. it has features such as five music tunes, a detachable toy bar with two hanging toys, two swing speeds, volume control and is suitable from birth to 18kgs. I’m really drawn to the idea that there more features for the baby and it doesn’t stop at baby as it’s suitable for a toddler as a rocking chair. However, the things that I’m not sure about is that the swing is quite large and may take up some space, it requires four D batteries so how often am I going to have to change them and does a child need that many attractions/distractions? Isn’t the world around them enough? Also, I believe it will take up quite a bit of space when it’s time to pack it away and

Then, the £82.60, Baby Bjorn babysitter balance is simple with three reclining positions, can be folded flat, weighs about two and a half kgs, is suitable from birth to 13kgs (approximately two years old), covers machine washable and that’s about it. I like the simplicity of this one and think it’s a lot more practical as it will take up less space and will be very easy to handle. But, costing more than the other is it worth it without any other features than just being a simple bouncer? I chose this over any other regular bouncer because I want something that I can use until the baby’s one and a half years old, not just six months like most other bouncers & rockers.

:: Medela Swing VS Ameda Lactaline Double Electric Breast Pump ::
I have decided on getting an electric pump for this baby as I had a painful experience with a manual pump last time and it wasn’t because of the quality of the pump but more due to my joints and dislocating fingers.

The £129.99, Medela Swing is single breast pump that I’ve had my eye for some time now. It has a two phase pumping process, is ideal for being out and about and has a comfortable soft breastshield. When I first read up on the Medela Swing I was very impressed by all the positive reviews but today I’ve come across a lot reviews that are negative. I know you always get good and bad reviews especially on products like this where personal preferences matter but it’s not just the reviews that have made me think twice about going for the Medela Swing, it’s the comparison between the two products.

The £129.99, Ameda Lactaline Double Electric Breast Pump attracts me because for the same price as the Medela Swing I can pump both breasts at the same time instead of just one. Secondly, there are a total of 32 combinations for speed and suction levels so you can choose the most comfortable setting for you. All the other features seem to be similar to the Medela Swing and I’m yet to read a bad review on this.

Well, I hope you me decide which way to go as I have no clue. Moving on for the confusion here’s just a few other things I’ve decided I’m going to get. Have a look and tell me what you think of them:

:: Mamas & Papas Acqua Two Stage Ergo Bath £28.00 ::
:: Cuddledry Towel £24.99 ::
:: SwaddleMe Wrap Blanket £9.99 ::

So, that's about it for the baby essentials I found in tonight's session window shopping. What do you think of my little imaginary spree?

Well, I think that's a interesting start to my day, now I'm going to go and have some very early, big, pregnancy breakfast.

So, until next time,

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

A whole day spent in bed

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So my lovelies, I have spent the whole day in bed! I haven’t been being lazy (Even though I wish that was the reason), it’s because I had very bad night, last night, I was in excruciating pain throughout the whole night and it just left me too weak to even move today. I’m still in bed and probably wouldn’t have woken up if I didn’t feel like I was starving but to my disappointment there’s nothing to eat so wild child’s father has put some rice on to cook and then salad and rice it is for me tonight.

How was your day and what have you been doing? I’ve had the tele on in the background all day and all I could hear throughout the whole day was one thing or another thing about the Olympics and it’s driving me barmy. I’m not against the games or anything I just don’t like a big hype and so far there’s been too much controversy surrounding something that should be exciting and Fun. I planned to be abroad during the Olympic Games, just to avoid the chaos and anarchy, but unfortunately my plans didn’t pan out, now I’ve planned not to even dare to travel towards east London even though my mum lives 15 minutes away from Stratford City and I really want to see her. But, I’ve decided that it’s best if I stay away from the whole commotion.

Do you live in London and are the Olympics affecting your everyday living? If so share how you feel you’re being affected.

Anyway my darlings, I can’t keep my head up much so I’m going to be off,

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Blog Update And an Introduction to...

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The sun is shining, birds are singing and I can’t stop grinning. (Yes. Yes I know I’m a natural poet) Now then, this post is to give you a quick update about my blog.

When I started this blog in April, it was my personal space for everything and anything I felt like, but pregnancy and my health being the topics at hand this blog soon started to become a pregnancy/ health blog. However, every so often I’ve posted about my other passions such as cooking, fashion and recently I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t fit in with the theme of this blog.

So, a few weeks ago I thought I’d start another blog, Splendoursof Life which centres around my other passions that all fit in well together, such as Home, Lifestyle, Food, Fashion & Beauty etc. And Voila, I’ve had a great start. I don’t know how well I’m going manage both but so far I believe I’ve done well.

:: July's GlossyBox ::
Thus, from now on this blog is going to be based on motherhood, family, pregnancy and my other blog, so that means for this month’s GlossyBox review, you’ll have to head over to Splendours Of Life, the review isn’t up yet but will be by the end of today so have a look for it later on today.

I’m off to go put a roast on for tonight’s dinner, so until next time,

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Why do Pregnancy Cravings occur?

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Olives, Nectarines, Satsuma’s, Gherkins, Salty Chips, Lemonade, these are the cravings that I’ve been having throughout my pregnancy so far and at times my cravings have driven me up the wall. It’s 3 o clock in the morning and guess what just woke me up? Yes, another craving. I actually think I was dreaming about gherkins and the next thing I know is I’m awake lying in bed fighting with myself for whether to go and get them from the fridge or just try to go back to sleep. However, I’m awake now so I’m sure you know what won.

While eating the last gherkin (I limited myself to five, don’t worry there the small ones, I promise), I started wondering about why we have cravings and if there actually a Placebo? So, naughty I decided to NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP and use the big World Wide Web to answer my curiosity.

I found a lot of interesting stuff and my results amazed me and then that got me thinking about how many other pregnant women just wonder why we have cravings. Thus, I decided to share my finding with you in the form of this post. I hope enjoy my findings and with no further a due here they are:

Why cravings occur and what causes them during pregnancy?
In spite of all the research and the experiences of millions of pregnant women, it is still unsure to exactly why we have food cravings and non-food cravings called Pica during pregnancy and what causes them.  Some specialists believe it’s due to increasing hormonal levels but there’s no scientific evidence to fully support that.

What do food cravings during pregnancy mean?
Many have different opinions and views to what cravings mean:

Some specialists believe that pregnant women crave for the nutrients that their body lacks or is in need of. For instance some may believe that craving for red meat is your body is reaching out for Protein or if your body is in short of Magnesium you may crave for Chocolate.

On the other hand, there are specialists that dispute this and believe that pregnancy cravings have nothing to do with what our body needs. They argue that if pregnant women craved for the things that there body needed then they would eat more healthy things and consume less of the unhealthy things. Like more Greens and less sugar!

Nevertheless, again here there is no scientific evidence to support any of the views.

When do the Cravings start?
Cravings can occur at any point of the pregnancy, however they are more common during the first trimester and can change during the pregnancy. You may crave for things in early pregnancy that you can’t stand later on in the pregnancy or vice-versa.

What to do about food cravings?
In most cases, cravings are more fascinating than serious or harmful. So, in moderation they can be indulged. Just make sure you maintain a healthy balanced-diet and if you do feel that your cravings are of concern than consult your GP or Midwife as soon as possible.

I hope you find this information as helpful and intriguing as I did. Simple cravings who could have thought they could be such a mystery?

If you want some further reading materials, here are few links for you to have a look at:

Now, I would like you to share your pregnancy cravings with me and tell me why you think we have cravings. So, get typing in the comments box below.

Anyway, I'm going back to sleep, and you should try as well ( WHAT ARE YOU DOING AWAKE?)

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Monday, 23 July 2012

A good moan about SPD and Sciatica

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Good evening my lovelies, I hope you’ve had a good day. I haven’t L SPD and Sciatica has been causing me agony all day. So, I’ve decided to have a good moan before calling it a night as if I don’t let out all this frustration I might actually erupt! If you don’t like moans, rants or aren’t just interested then I’ll suggest you stop reading here.

I’ve been suffering from SPD and Sciatica for a month now and it doesn’t seem to want to leave me alone. Like it wasn’t bad enough having weak joints and moody muscles but now I also have to deal with a trapped nerve in my right leg and my pelvic bone feeling like its being crushed together! I’m finding it so hard to sleep at night, my right leg just won’t rest and every time I feel it’s getting better, it actually gets worse. As for the SPD, it’s not constant. It comes on suddenly and I feel like the pelvic bones going to drop off, my legs lock into position and I literally can’t take a step after that. I have to lie down for a few hours to get feeling back in my legs but the pain doesn’t decrease. I’ve ended up with locked legs outside due to the SPD twice now and now I’m so scared of going out. Walking around in the house is bad enough bad at least I’m in my comfort zone and can always sit when I need to, but outside I just feel lost not having anywhere to sit or rest and people automatically assume I’m in labour due to my breathing. The atmosphere just becomes so bizarre and uncomfortable, so for those reasons I think I’m staying put at home or being driven where ever I need to go. No more walking for me

I’m already on very strong pain killers and there isn’t anything stronger the GP can give me so unfortunately I’m stuck with these two new additions to my list of health issue for the rest of the pregnancy and maybe even after.

I really don’t know what to do and can do with any help from any of you darlings that may or might have experienced SPD and Sciatica. Please, please, please give me a helping hand and share any advice you may have.

I’m in so much pain to even moan today but I do feel much better now, I’m sorry if a lot of what I said doesn’t make sense that’s just me when I’m in discomfort. I’m off now to have a hot bath then see if I can get some sleep.

So until next time my darlings,

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette Review

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Ahhh, 28th Week, Seventh Month. Yes, today is the first day of my seventh pregnancy month and I woke up this morning thinking “I haven’t got too long now” with a sigh of relief. But, then silly me realised how I’ve still got most of the baby shopping to do, I need to prepare for labour and so on. So, up until now I’ve been going through my lists, prioritising and working out how to go about doing things.

I want to get all the stuff for my unborn sprog sorted first because I know once that’s done, I don’t have to worry about doing the rest myself as I can rely on the lovely people in my life to pack my labour bag and do other bits and bobs etc. as for the baby stuff most of the things I can order online but there are a few things that I feel need to been seen, touched, felt in person and one of those things is the Pushchair. Thus, I’ve spent the last hour or so making a list of all the buggies I fancy, which soon made me realise that I still have my wild child’s pushchair upstairs, the Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette.

:: Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette in Cosmo ::

My wild child hasn’t used the pushchair in a long time but I still kept it as I had a very good run with it and the thought of disposing of it upsets me and unfortunately I can’t use it for my unborn sprog as I’m physically incapable of using it as it’s quite heavy and large, thus I’m looking for something that’s a little smaller like the Bugaboo Bee ( I really like the look of it). But, due to my love for it I thought I’ll review the Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette so others can know how great it is.

I bought the Pliko Pramette in the Cosmo design back in 2008 from the Mamas & Papas Flagship store in central London. The Pliko Pramette came with the Changing Bag, Footmuff, Rain Cover, Pram Liner, Shopping Basket for a promotional price of £499.00.

The reason I chose the Pliko Pramette was because I wanted a pushchair that looked like a traditional pram but still had the modern features and Pliko fulfilled that for me. I initially went to the store decided on the Pliko Pramette in the Polka Dots design but when I saw the Cosmo I found love and I didn’t even look at the Polka Dot one again. I can’t say it “looked” because it still does look stylish, elegant and just crisp. I can’t tell you how many people asked me where I got the pushchair from and how many people said “that’s a really nice buggy”.

I used the Pliko Pramette in the pram mode, faced me for the first six months for which I needed the pram liner installed and then I had to convert it to a forward facing pushchair. the Pramette can only face you for the first six months in the pram  mode and I think that's one of the biggest downfalls for me as I would of prefered having the parent facing feature even when used as a Pushchair. The Pramette is very spacious, the recommended childs weight for it is from birth to 15kg. My sons four now and I don’t have a clue about how much he weighs but I’m told his average size by the health visitor and he can still comfortably sit in Pramette. The Pliko Pramette was easy to manoeuvre outside and I adored the swivel wheels that didn’t restrict me to a back and forth motion. But due to its size and weight which is 9kg approximately, at times it was a struggle getting on buses with it, especially London buses that are packed most of the day and if by any chance I had to fold it up then that was quite hard for me to do by myself as I needed both of my hands as well as quite a bit of my strength. But, that could be just me being weak because when my wild child’s father used it he made folding the Pramette look so easy and quick. I found all the other features of the Pliko Pramette very practical and easy to use like the brakes, recliner seat which reclines enough for my child to sleep comfortably, putting on the rain cover, removing the seat for washing, converting it from pram to pushchair. The shopping basket is very spacious unlike the ones I’ve seen on other pushchairs and is easily removable for cleaning. Also, the changing bag fits two changes of clothes and at least six nappies, a pack of wipes with enough room left for other bits.

The build of the Pramette is very sturdy and of great quality, everything from the chasis to the fabric is very durable and everything is well-built. After using it for three years, it’s still in great shape with very little wear and tear.

The model has changed a little now as you don’t need an additional liner to use it in the pram mode and they don’t have it in the old designs such as Cosmo or Polka Dots. But they still do have a few choices like Couture Black, City Scape, Taupe and Mimi. The price has also decreased to £375.00 but you have to buy the changing bag and other features separately and the great news is until the 29th of July they have a sale with some of designs of the Pliko Pramette selling at only £249.00!

So, on the whole I think the Pliko Pramette is fabulous and I recommend it unless you have some underlying health issues that restrict you from heavy lifting or using your strength or if you’re generally a weak person. If you’re interested in the Pliko Pramette then head over to your nearest Mams & Papas store or click HERE to visit the product page on their website.

Well, My lovelies I hope you find this helpful and if you have anything you want to add please feel free to use the comment box below. Also, if you have used the Bugaboo Bee please let me know what you think of it as I would like some insight before I head out on the hunt myself.

That’s all for now, until next time,

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

27th Week: Plain and Simple

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My 27th Week has just been plain and simple without any major events or problems, which hasn’t been the story for the last few weeks. I’ve spent most of the week relaxing and doing bits and bobs around the house. Plain and simple isn’t a term I can usually use so today I’m going to make the most of the words and keep it plain and simple. Therefore, here are a few pictures to describe my week:

:: Baked a fruit cake ::
:: Planned Iftar ::
:: Took a short stroll with my wild child all dressed up for summer in shorts and sandals, even though it was raining ::
:: Prepared Curry Goat ::
:: Spent a day at the library with my wild child and he got his first library card (come & read about it  HERE) ::

My unborn sprog has been doing great, I didn’t think she/he could kick me anymore then she had been for the last few weeks but no he/she has outdone itself! Physically, I’ve been feeling quite weak and moaning about pain but compared to how much I’ve been relaxing I can’t really complain.

Well, that’s my 27th plain and simple week, how is/was yours?

That’s it for me today, until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Fun Day in the Library

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As the post title states, I’ve spent the day having fun with my wild child at the Library. I must admit today’s visit was probably the third visit he has had to the library. Even though, I love the place and think it’s somewhere that should be crucial part of every child’s life, I haven’t been able to get round to taking him much due to many reasons but the most obvious one being my health. However, recently I’ve decided I’m going to try my best to make sure my wild child visits the library atleast once every two weeks.

My wild child likes his books but recently his found a new love for the TELEVISION! And, as I’ve described before in a previous post, that I detest the idea of a child watching cartoons, children’s programs all the time (click HERE if you would like to read it). So, today I wanted him to rekindle his love for the pages that can take us round the world while we sit in bed!

And did it happen? Well I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

:: The first book he picks "Just Like My Dad" How typical? ::

:: Can't decide on what to take home ::

:: So excited about his very first Library Card ::

I must say he was a lot more excited about getting his own library card then taking books home as according to him we have lots of books at home. But, I guess having your very own first library card is something to be excited about.

So, what did you do today and when was the last time you/your children visited the library?

Until next time,

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NOT FAIR, Household Chores!!!

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Hello Hello, so what have you been doing today? Well, This pregnant women as in I have spend the whole day doing chores and preparing for the first Iftar of the month of Ramadan this year, which is due upon us within three days. For those of you who don’t know what Iftar is, it’s the breaking of the fast on each day which happens just after sunset.

:: I make written plans for everything, so this is my written Iftar Plans (I also have a digital copy  on word, I thought I'll let you know :) ::

So, I’ve spent all day doing the usual household chores such as, doing the laundry, dusting furniture, re-organising items, moaning about being pregnant and it’s tired me out. I’m so tired that I’m hitting my bed and cuddling my body pillow as soon as finish uploading this post!

:: Rich Fruit Cake, Just after it come out of the oven ::

As for preparing for the Iftar I’ve baked a fruit cake (nearly after four years) and that smells absolutely yummy. So yummy, I’m still fighting over the thought of eating some but I know once I have a piece I might not be able to stop! Well now that I think of it, that’s not so bad is it, after all I am pregnant. What do you think, shall I eat some? Tell me I’ll listen to you (say yes wink, wink). I have also seasoned some goat to make Curry Goat which also smells wonderful but obviously I do not want to eat raw meat even though some pregnant women do crave for raw meat. EEEEWWWWW.

:: Prepared Curry Goat ::

Well, that’s all for me today lovelies, now you tell me how your day has been?

Until next time,

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What is Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome?

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Good Morning my lovelies, I woke up today with quite a bit of pain in my body and swollen joints. Which, made me realise that as much as I have spoken about myself suffering from Joint Hypermoblty Syndrome, I've never really discussed what Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome is. Also, lately HMS (short for Hypermobilty Syndrome) has been affecting my pregnancy especially my joints. So, all of this made me want to do a post on this topic.

I have been suffering from Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome for a very long time, but not as severely as I do now. It's been two and a half years I've been diagnosed. My first pregnancy was what made things really worse for my joints and since then my health has just debilitated. Things have come to a point where it's affected my daily living and now, it somewhat consumes most of time, as due to it I spend a lot of time in bed because of pain, it's affected my walking and so on. Recently, I've had quite a few people ask me about HMS, some have been diagnosed with but don't know what it exactly is and others are just curious and explaining it can be a mouthful so i thought the best way would be to break it down and discuss it step by step. Hence, here we go:

What is Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome?

Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome is where there is an unusually extensive range of movements in some or all of the joints. The “moving parts” of the body: joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments tend to be laxer, supple and fragile than they are in most people. People with Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome tend to be more flexible with their joints and able to move them in unusual positions. Joint Hypermobilty is often called being Double-Jointed and doctors sometimes refer to it as Joint Hyperlaxity.

What are the causes?

There are several factors that may cause Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome, the following are the main:

  • Connective tissue structures such as Collagen structures being formed differently than in most people. Collagen is found throughout the whole body for example in ligaments and in skin. Ligaments are bands of connective tissue that bond two bones together to a joint. When the Collagen structure is formed differently it weakens the ligaments which affect the joint. So, the whole joint becomes more supple and fragile.
  • The Shape of the bone ends and how shallow your joint sockets are, determine how much your bone can move. If the bone end sits in a shallow joint sockets there more room for it to move making it more flexible as well as prone to being easily dislocated.
  • Having a poor sense of joint movement (Proprioception) can lead to over-stretching the joint as they are unable to judge the position of the joint without being able to see it. Therefore, they may have a wider range of movement in that joint.
  • Joint Hypermobility Syndrome can be a part of other conditions that hereditary, so it may be passed down through children. 75% of people who have Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome have a previous family history of it.

What are the symptoms?

Some people with Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome aren’t affected by it negatively and don’t have any symptoms at all. But, some people are affected greatly like me and will have some symptoms. The most common symptoms are:

  • Joint Pains due to over-stretching the joint capsule. It especially occurs after physical work for me that includes a little bit of walking.
  • Muscle aches, pains and spasms as the muscles have to work harder for supple joints
  • Stiffness in joints especially Knees, Hip, Neck, Back etc.
  • Easily Bruising
  • Easily dislocating joints
  • Swelling in Joints
  • Chronic Fatigue 

How does Joint Hypermobilty affect pregnancy?

Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome may or may not affect pregnancy, but if you have Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome and are pregnant like me than the following are things you should bear in mind:

  • The level of pain may increase severely. Especially, in the spine and other joints.
  • The is a risk of premature labour and delivery due to a tendency of rupture of the membranes
  • The possibility of having a rapid labour
  • There may be a possible resistance to the effects of local anaesthetics and pain killers, therefore you may find very little or no help at all from them if given during labour or after an episiotomy
  • Tears and episiotomy wounds may heal slower or the healing may be impaired
  • There is a risk of genetically passing on Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome to your child but there’s no reason to believe he/she will be affected by it or will develop any symptoms 

What treatments are there?

If rest doesn’t help with pain or the symptoms than there are treatments that are available to help you:

  • Physiotherapy can help people with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome to reduce the symptoms. As physiotherapy can be used to strengthen muscles, improve posture, help with proprioception (judging the movements of joints) and improve on safely using the joints. Your GP can refer you to see a Physiotherapy. 
  • If physiotherapy and rest don’t reduce the symptoms then medication may be used to control/reduce the pain. Pain killers such as Paracetamol available to buy over the counter at pharmacies may be used and are the safest option. But, your doctor may prescribe you stronger pain killers or NSAIDs depending on how severe the condition is. Please consult your GP before taking any medication.
  • Surgery isn’t recommended for Joint Hypermobilty as the connective joint tissue does not heal well and can cause Osteoarthritis. The only time surgery is needed is for a ruptured tendon that should be repaired. 

What considerations are there for daily living & self-help?

An Occupational therapist can help you adapt your home and way of life around your condition. If needed they can help you with aids around your home to make every day-living easier and safer.  Such aids are:

  • Toilets Frames that help and support you while using the toilet.
  • Bed rails to help you get in/out of the bed and also help if you have difficulty turning while lying down
  • Perching Stools to help your posture
  • Bath seat to help you get in/out of the bath
  • Stair Lift to help you if you have difficulty climbing stairs

They can also advise you on travelling outdoors. Please be aware each local authority may have different help on offer. Please consult your GP for a referral if you feel seeing an occupational therapist will help you.

Making sure you get plenty rest and have a healthy diet.

So, if you feel you may have Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome please consult your GP before taking any other action.

I hope you find this information helpful and if you’re keen on further reading on this topic then here are a few links for you:

So, that’s all for now my lovelies,

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Mini Pregnancy Treat!

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Oh am I excited to share this with you or what? My mini pregnancy treat, what is it you say? Well, I'm sure you've seen the picture already (So much for the anticipation) It's a Mama Mio Pregnancy Essential Kit! (my apologies if you think I’m over reacting but that’s how I woke up this morning)

:: My Mini Pregnancy Treat ::

Okay, I have to say it’s been some time I received this but I hadn’t opened until this morning! Why, I don’t know. I guess with everything going on, me being so unwell blah blah blah. I just didn’t come round to it. So, yes got this as a mini pregnancy treat from father bear (My Wild Child’s father), after he heard me nagging about my tummy itching and nothing working to relieve it.

The Mama Mio Pregnancy Essential Kit contains:

  • A 30ml Tummy Rub Butter which comes in a tube. It’s used for reducing existing stretchmarks and preventing from getting new ones. As well as to soothe itchiness.
  • A 30ml Lucky Legs pump bottle which is to relieve tired legs and feet
  • Lastly a 30ml Boob Tube pump bottle to firm up your breasts.

I couldn’t resist trying all three products and believe when I say they all smell heavenly especially the Lucky Legs. I can’t say much in regards to if they do what they’re supposed to do but I shall use it for a while and report back to you with a full review.

So, my lovelies what have you been doing and have you been treated or treated yourself recently? If so please share in the comments box below.

That’s all for now folks,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Why do we suffer from Headaches & Nosebleeds during pregnancy?

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Throughout the last six months of my pregnancy, I have suffered from headaches often and at times they have been agonising. Before this pregnancy I hardly got headaches and if I did they would only last for an hour at the max and it would prohibit me from getting on with my day. However, the headaches I’ve been experiencing during this pregnancy make me feel paralysed at the time! Why I choose the word Paralysed is because while the ache is present, I can’t talk, eat, lift my head up or even sleep. I can’t bear any noise at all not even talking.

So delighted I was, when a lovely woman from HiPP contacted me with some information on “Headaches & Nosebleeds during Pregnancy” that they wished to share on my blog. I haven’t personally suffered any nosebleeds during pregnancy but I still found the following information very helpful and I hope you do too.

Headaches and Nosebleeds during pregnancy

Two common symptoms of pregnancy are headaches and nosebleeds, they are a normal part of pregnancy, the midwife at Hipp Organic has offered some tips and advice for relieving these symptoms as well as explaining the causes.

Nose Bleeds in Pregnancy

It’s normal for nosebleeds to occur during pregnancy. Pregnant women can easily get nose bleeds attributed to the expansion of blood vessels in the nose and the increased amount of blood pumped through the body during pregnancy. In addition pregnant women can easily get nosebleeds when they have colds, sinus infections or allergies. Asthmatic women are also thought to be more prone nose bleeds in pregnancy.

Coping with nosebleeds

Some things to consider;
•             Try to avoid blowing your nose to hard in pregnancy or explosive sneezing,
•             Try steam inhalation perhaps with a few drops of tea tree oil.

If nose bleeds persist or become regular or heavy seek medical advice.


Headaches are more common during early pregnancy and as with many pregnancy symptoms, this is usually as a result of the massive hormonal changes your body is undergoing.

Some women also find they are more prone to migraines when they are pregnant and that stress or certain foodstuffs can bring them on. If this is the case for you, you should try to pinpoint any thing that acts as a trigger, perhaps by keeping a food diary where you can note down foods and drinks you have consumed and any ill after-effects they have on you.

Try to take some time out to rest if you are feeling under pressure and if the headaches become a real problem your GP may prescribe suitable medication for use during pregnancy.

Tips and tricks to alleviate headaches

•             Try a brisk walk
•             Increasing your fluid intake you may be dehydrated from morning sickness.
•             The occasional paracetamol is safe in pregnancy (always follow advice on the box).

Seek medical advice from your midwife or GP if you often have headaches so they can advise you.

So, that’s all for now my lovelies, I hope you enjoy this post and find it informative.

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Saturday, 14 July 2012

26th Week: Despite the Weather

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Despite the weather which has been wet, humid and at times very grey, I have tried to brighten up my days this week by doing some wonderful things.

My 26th Week started off with a small indoor summer lunch for friends and family. I themed my small party to be bright and sunny. I made Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Turkey Ham Baguettes, Tuna Pasta Salad which all went down a treat. Also, my first attempt at making a simple quiche was very successful. But what was spectacular was my desserts table, which consisted of Lemon Cupcakes, Red Velvet Cake Pops, Jam Tarts, Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and Buttercream Frosted Rose Cake (all home-made, aren’t I proud of myself!). It was wonderful, I had a great time catching up with everybody and enjoying good food. Despite the weather being rainy and cold outside it actually did feel like summer inside.

:: My Bright Summer Lunch ::
:: My Bright Summer Desserts Table ::

Mid-week I headed over to lovely mother’s place to dress my sister for her prom. On the day, the weather was quite good to me as it didn’t rain while I was on my way. But, it did start raining as soon as I got into my mum’s house and despite the weather my sister was still looking forward to wearing a Saree and 3 inch high heels! Dressing her up in a bright Saree and putting make up on her was hilarious. My gorgeous sister brightened up my day despite the weather outside.

Shopping in the rain, while eating Bombay Mix out of plastic cup! Now doesn’t that sound interesting. Well, that’s what I did this week. In busy row of shops in Shadwell, I found my way through busy people, dodged the rain (well, tried to), bought fish and ate Bombay mix out of a cup throughout the whole time! Despite the weather, it was fun and somewhat revitalising doing all of that while it was pouring down!

Finally, Despite the weather my wild child has been wearing shorts throughout the whole week and as much as I disagreed at the time. Now looking back, just watching him jump around in shorts did actually make me believe it was summer that little bit more.

When it comes down to my unborn sprog, obviously the term is not “despite the weather” it is “regardless of the weather” and regardless of the weather he/she has been becoming naughtier by the day. Kicking and moving more while I’m sleeping and not moving or kicking for anybody else to feel. As much as I know it’s just all a big coinkidink, I do at times believe that he/she does it on purpose!

So, that’s my 26th Week, How is or was yours and what did you do?

That’s all for now,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Friday, 13 July 2012

Lansinoh Nipple Cream Review

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Recently, this product, Lansinoh, has been my best friend and today I would like to talk about it to you. Why, you may ask. Well first, would you like to know what’s been driving me crazy lately? Well, it’s been my ITCHY SORE BREASTS! Yes, yes I know it’s common during pregnancy but please the fact that I feel to cut them off my body isn’t surely normal? And that’s where Lansinoh comes into the story.

:: Lansinoh Nipple Cream, My New Best-Friend ::

Itchy Breasts where one of the symptoms that made me believe I was pregnant before I even took the test & since then which was approximately six months ago, they haven’t stopped being SORE and ITCHING. I’ve tried numerous remedies from Storing chilled cabbage leaves in my bra to certain nipple creams but nothing had helped. A month ago, I had a bright idea (an imaginary bulb appeared on top of my head) “Let me ask the midwife and see if she can recommend something” Wow, you would think I would of that earlier, not six months into my pregnancy! Anyway my lovely midwife recommended I use Lansinoh. She explained how it would help with the soreness and itchiness as well as prepare my breast for breastfeeding. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

So, did Lansinoh work? What do you think? I did mention it’s my new found best friend! I’ve been using it daily for about a month now and it’s AMAZING. It stopped the itching and got rid of the soreness after the first few uses and since I started to use it, my breast feel comfortable and NORMAL. Not like Heavy Marble Stones hanging of my body as dead weight.

Lansinoh is 100% pure and natural Lanolin Nipple Cream to help soothe and protect nipples in breast feeding mothers.  The Lanolin is refined using a unique process which makes it the worlds’ safest, purest Lanolin.

Lansinoh comes in a 56g Tube priced at average £8-£10. The packaging and presentation is simple and practical, nothing fancy but not that it needs to be. The tube is small enough to pop into my handbag which is really good for me as due to the weather, I have sudden moments where I need to apply it. The cream itself reminds me of Vaseline, thick, clear and no scent. It’s very easy to apply to skin and gets absorbed very quickly and the best thing about it is that it’s not sticky. After a minute of applying Lansinoh I couldn’t tell that there is something on my breast! I apply it once a day and I don’t feel the need to apply it again throughout the day unless the weather or certain clothes I wear irate my breasts.

I can’t really say much in regards to its breastfeeding benefits until I’m at that stage but for SORENESS and ITCHINESS, Lansinoh is the cream I’d recommend to everyone as it’s instant, quick and practical.

If you would like more information on Lansinoh click HERE to head over to Lansinoh Website and if you’re interested in purchasing it, you can buy it from John Lewis, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Mothercare or maybe even your local pharmacy/chemist.

Well, I hope you find this post informative and helpful. If you use or have used this product, what did you think of it? And if you have any other remedies for SORE and ITCHY breasts please share them with me.

I’m off for now so until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

25th Week: POORLY!!!

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Now, I know My 25th Week post is overdue, but as the title of this post states, it’s overdue because I have been very POORLY! Awwww, I actually feel sorry for myself thinking about last week. I wrote about it why I’ve been so poorly yesterday in this POST, so I won’t go on about it now.

As for the 25th Week itself, not much went on for me as I spent most of the week in bed, resting & watching tele. Honestly, that’s about it, not much to say about a week spent in bed moaning and feeling poorly. The highlight of the week was the presents my chums brought back for me from Sharm El Sheikh:

:: Aren't these just Beauuuuuutifuuuul ::

Also, my wild child made me laugh when he came to the conclusion that being pregnant is actually an illness and according to him he wasn’t in my tummy because he wouldn’t want me to be ill! It was a boring week for him as well due to not being able to go out much or play with his father L, because his father was too occupied with looking after me .

As for my bubble baby, he/she had taken a liking to the lower part of my abdominal area (more or less the pelvic region). I actually get my pelvic bone kicked instead of other parts that are more cushioned. Not that I need any more discomfort down there but oh well I guess no one can help where it decides to kick and inhabit right now! Other than that, my bubs is doing fine thank lord!

So that was My 25th Week, how was/is yours? I hope it’s not as poorly as mine.

Until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:
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