Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pregnancy/Labour related Tele Programs

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I just finished watching “The Midwives: Room Service” and I found it so interesting and intriguing. It’s the first time I watched it, to be honest I didn’t know there was such a program until I was just flicking through the channels looking for something to watch. After I finished watching the program, I wondered what other people think of Tele programs that are based on Pregnancy, Labour etc. So, here I am asking you lovelies what you think of them? Entertaining, scary, biased?

I have watched “One Born Every Minute” before and enjoyed that too but what I can’t help wondering is what is the purpose of these programs. Is it to educate people about pregnancy/labour, make us aware of the growing population in this country or just simply entertain us (come on who has a problem with watching cute little babies?)???

I personally found “The Midwives: Room Service” very informative and liked that it’s from the point of the midwives as well as the pregnant women. Honestly, after watching the program I’m actually looking forward to the hospital experience where as it was the part of labour I was dreading. I acknowledge that my hospital labour experience might have no similarities to what I just witnessed in the program but it’s having the experience I’m looking forward to regardless of whether it’s negative or positive.

So, my lovelies what do you think about these programs and do you have any favourites?

Anyway I’m off to eat my dessert; Blackberry & Apple Crumple, so until next time,

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

32nd Week: Melancholy

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After a very long time, well it’s the first time during this pregnancy that I’m feeling melancholy. My 32nd week has been very sad and blue.

I can’t discuss what it is exactly that’s made me feel melancholy but what I can say is I don’t like feeling like this. You might think “who does?” but I have come across times in my past where I didn’t want to be happy or feel positivity, I was just content with feel unhappy, miserable and depressed. It was my way of avoiding disappointment or being let-down by life itself.

But some time ago I realised how I spent a lot of time being consumed by the negative side of life and I was missing out and neglecting the positive things in my life and that’s when I decided that even if I can’t help feeling melancholy I was at least going to try to be happy. Since then life has changed, now how negative things are I find something to smile about. But this week has had its toll on me and as much as there are many things for me to be happy about I just can’t manage to override the negativity. So, I’ve decided I’m just going to let nature take its course and not try too hard to find a way out of feeling like this.

Regardless of the melancholy, my unborn sprog is doing great and still getting big. I’ve been really feeling the weight on my back the last few days that I can’t even turn in bed or get of bed on my own.  

Anyway my lovelies, I don’t have much more to share about this week.

So until next time,

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Friday, 24 August 2012

What is Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction?

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If you have been following my blog over the last month or so, you would have noticed that I’ve been suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. At times the condition has left me immobilised and at other times it’s just frustrated me.

The first time I got attacked by this condition was when I was out shopping and in a matter of ten minutes I went from being in a market stall to an ambulance then to the A&E. Since then it has been added to my list of daily inconveniences. Like walking with crutches due to the Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome wasn’t bad enough, now I can’t walk at all outside without bending down and eventually sitting on the floor after every 10 steps!

Today, I’ve been really feeling the pain in my pelvis and I got so annoyed by the pain that out of anger I screamed out “what the hell is Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction???” So, I decided to find out and as usual I want to share my findings with you as I have noticed it’s very common amongst pregnant women.

Thus, here are my findings:

What is Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction?

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction also referred to as SPD is a condition where inflammation and pain is present in the pelvis region particularly in the pelvic joints. This especially occurs in pregnant women.

What causes Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction?

A stiff joint connects the two halves of your pelvis and this stiff joint is called the Symphysis Pubis. To help the baby move through the pelvis as smoothly and easily as possible, a woman’s body produces a hormone called Relaxin during pregnancy and this hormone relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis. Thus, there is more movement of the pelvic joints during pregnancy and just after, which causes inflammation and pain in the connective tissues, ligaments and joints.

What are the symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction?

Pain, tenderness and inflammation in the groin and pubis area are the most common symptoms but other symptoms are:
  • Back Pain, Hip Pain and Pelvic Griddle Pain
  • A grinding or clicking sensation in your pelvic
  • Pain in pelvic area and upper legs while walking

What treatments are available for Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction?

There are a number of different of specialist treatments and self-help treatments available to help manage with the pain:
  • Physiotherapy that especially focuses on the tummy and pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening the muscles will help stabilising the pelvis and back. 
  • Acupuncture is also a treatment that may be used as it is safe during pregnancy. The practitioner should be trained and experienced in treating pregnant women.
  • A pelvic support belt may help while walking, support the back and provide quick pain relief.
  • Moving a little and often. Moving a lot may cause spontaneous inflammation and excruciating pain. So moving often but little can prevent this.
  • Resting regularly. Especially by sitting on a gym/birthing ball which eases the baby’s weight of the pelvis.
  • Limit heavy lifting or pushing.
  • While climbing stairs take one step at a time.
  • When sleeping use pillows to support your back and a body can especially help.

How Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is diagnosed?

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction is widely recognised by General Practitioners, Midwives & Physiotherapists. So, if you suffer from any of the symptoms or have reason to be concerned then contact your GP or Midwife as soon as possible.

You should be referred t physiotherapist who will then test the stability, movement and pain of your pelvis to determine if you are suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

Well that's my findings, if you would like to do some research yourself then here are a few places to get you started:

I hope this information is helpful. If you do or have suffered with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction please share how it affected your pregnancy using the comment box below. I’d love to know any tips and tricks that helped you cope with it.

Anyway my lovelies that all from me for now, until next time,

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

We ♥ The Gruffalo

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“A Gruffalo, what’s a Gruffalo?” “A Gruffalo, why don’t you know?” If you don’t know what the Gruffalo is then you need to hurry down to nearest book store/library and read it. It’s like the BEST “children’s” book ever. Well, they say it’s for children but I don’t agree as I enjoy as much or probably more than the next child!

:: My Wild Child's Completed Gruffalo's Child Puzzle ::

The Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s Child where amongst the first few books I read to my wild child and even now they are some of our most favourites. But my wild child’s love for the Gruffalo has become an obsession! It’s not just the books anymore, its puzzles, online games, stationary etc.

Today, I stared at my wild child while he was occupied with his Gruffalo puzzle, contemplating whether the Gruffalo is going to be a favourite of my second sprog or is it going to be something else and how many hearts has this fictional character won. Honestly looking back at my childhood, I wasn’t read many stories or introduced to many characters until I reached school age and even then I can’t recall any specific character standing out. So, for me it’s quite intriguing seeing my child or other children loving something that is fictional.

Does your household have a favourite or do individuals in your family have different characters they love and looking back at your childhood can you remember if you had a favourite?

That’s it for now folks, so until next time,

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

31st Week: Busy, Busy, Busy!

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As my 31st week pregnancy update is long overdue as today is the third day of the thirty-second week, I am not going to keep you waiting. So here is a sum-up of my 31st week.

:: Eid Al-Fitr 2012 ::
My 31st week was very busy. The week started of with making Eid preparations. I was busy preparing food, table settings and buying/packing gifts. As much as I love doing all these things I found it quite hard as I have been feeling really unwell and weak recently. None the less I got all of it done with help from my wild child’s father. The long-awaited Lollibop Festival was towards the end of my 31st week, unfortunately I wasn’t able to go as I decided it wasn’t suitable for me due to the SPD and the recent strike of frequent blackouts. However, my wild child went with his father and my lovely sister and I was still as much excited for my wild child because I knew he was going to be blown away. And he was, he had so much fun that even now four days later he’s still filling my ears in about Lollibob.

The pregnancy has taken a very heavy toll on me now as I’m finding carrying the weight very hard barely possible. My backs been giving me really bad problems and has become very unstable. Knees are wobbly, ankles seem like there permanently swollen and I’m not going to start on my pelvic structure! In spite of this long list of negativity, my unborn sprog seems very eager to come out as he/she is continuously knocking on the wall of tummy and I think I can hear a voice asking “if it’s time to come out yet”. No, I’m going barmy just a little impatient.

Anyway that’s my 31st Week, How is/was yours?

Bedtime for now so until next time,

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It's been a Week....

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I know it’s nearly a week since I last blogged. And I feel really bad but I’m sure it can be justified. I’ve been so busy recently as well as being really unwell (isn’t that the story of my life!).

I’ve been really tied up with making preparations for unborn child, Eid and even winter (I know there’s still some time but I rather do it now while I have the time).

My wild child has become quite a handful recently by being fussy about food, choosing to go out at unsuitable times and making a mess at all times!

My health has become the centre of attention at the moment with my iron being really low, I’m having lots of frequent blackouts, I can barely walk as i feel too much pressure on my back and the usual Joint Hypermobility Syndrome has got worse.

Regardless of all of this I am going to try to make it up to my darling blog by blogging everyday (please don’t hold me to it as sometimes I can barely lift my head up).

How have you been and what have you been doing?

I’m going to go now and type up my 31st Week Pregnancy Update so see you later alligators.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Wild Child's First Chocolate Chip Cookies

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After the crazy day yesterday, I decided to have a relaxed day at home today. Deciding not to do much at all me and my wild child spent the whole day reading, watching tele and decided the only “heavy” bit of doing we were going to do is make dessert for our dinner. So, dessert was my wild child’s first chocolate chip cookies!

If you have been following my blog you’ve probably noticed my uncontrollable love for food and as much as it’s not a trait that’s passed down through genetics, when it comes down to my wild child it might as well as be. So, it was no surprise that my son decided to choose to make dessert when I asked him what he wanted to do after we finished reading.

Even when it came to choosing the type of cookies he knew exactly what he wanted and I didn’t mind his choice of chocolate chip cookies (well who would?). So, we were all set. After a whole load of mess, miss-matched measurements and lots of flour on the kitchen floor this is what we achieved:
:: My Wild Child's First Chocolate Chip Cookies ::
There over-sized and we didn’t plan that bit but it did come to our advantage as there was more for us to scoff down.
:: Just look at that "goeeyyyy" GOODNESS! ::
I really enjoy most of “our-time” with my son but cooking/baking together is extra special as I feel we both share the same passion. I just can’t wait till the time he can help me CLEAN UP THE MESS rather than just making it!

What passions do you share with your child/children or would like to nurture into them?

That’s all for now my lovelies,

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

An End to my Crazy Day...

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What’s a better way to put an end to my crazy day than blogging about it? Well it’s been one of those days where more or less everything has managed to frustrate me.

The day started off fine and probably would have stayed that way if I didn’t decide to take a little trip to my local shopping centre. That was the first crazy decision of the day. Even thought my knee gave way yesterday and in the back of my head I knew I shouldn’t really be on my foot I left my house, because I just couldn’t bare the idea of spending the whole day in with my house feeling like a furnace and my wild child running around like a headless chicken.

As soon as I stepped out outside of the house I started feeling light headed and slightly faint but that’s how I normally feel when the weather is hot. Deciding I’m okay I decided to take the bus instead of calling cab, which was the second crazy decision of the day. The bus was hot and I was really uncomfortable firstly due to the fact that I suffer from claustrophobia but also due to the reason that I was barely sitting comfortably. The one free seat was next to a person that took up half of the free seat as well as their own seat, honestly they couldn’t help it but it didn’t help as that was the only free sit and I really needed to sit down.

Arriving at the shopping centre, the SPD kicked in really bad, I needed to sit down somewhere which was comfortable immediately but there was nowhere. So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, eat lunch and get some rest at the same time, which was the third crazy decision of my day. I ate and relaxed my pelvic bone enough and I felt good until I got up to do some shopping only then I realised how heavy I felt due to eating. I still convinced myself to do the little things I planned to do which I accomplished but I also accomplished to gift myself with some chronic pain.

Finished and ready to head home guess what the last crazy decision of day was? I decided to get on the bus again! And I ended up holding my breath through most of the journey back as someone decided to get on the bus with their dog that smelt like it never had a bath!

Once we came home, my wild child decided not to take his mid-day nap and keep things crazy by jumping around, creating mess and not letting me rest. So, I decided to make some dinner and finish of some chores which brings me here.

It actually feels like this is one of those days that won’t come to an end until I fall asleep so that’s what I’m going to right now.

How was your day?

So that’s all for now, until next time,

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Little Pregnancy Haul

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Over the last week I’ve accumulated a few new bits for my unborn sprog as well as some items for my hospital bag, so I thought a little pregnancy haul post would be fun as I haven’t done one in some time!

I haven’t been able to be out shopping much so most of these items were purchased online:

:: Little Pregnancy Haul ::

Cuddledry Blanket
I haven’t read such great reviews about a baby towel before I stumbled across the Cuddledry towel online at the Mamas & Papas website. Reading about the Cuddledry towel on their website intrigued me straight away due to the description of the design but I still had to do my own snooping around. And, when I did I found plenty of great reviews that convinced me to take the plunge. At £30 a piece it’s quite costly for a baby’s towel but I believe it’s worth it due to the quality and practicality of the towel. However, I can only give you an in-depth review once I use it which will be hopefully in October.

Olive Oil
Well there’s not much to say about this. It’s what I’m going to use to moisturise my baby.

Boots Miniclub Sleepsuits
It’s a pack of three unisex sleepsuits which were on sale for £6.00. I really like the colours and designs of the sleepsuits but at first touch I didn’t like the feel of them, they feel somewhat rough compared to the other sleepsuits I have purchased but I’m going to give them a wash and see if they change. I do hope they get softer as I really like the colours.

SwaddleMe Blanket
Oh I just adore this; it’s so cute and practical. I’m a mother that still worries if my four-year-old is covered or not while his sleeping after tucking him into bed myself! Now, with a newborn I know I’ll be worse but with this little gem I don’t have to sleep with one eye open! The reason I’m so paranoid is because our home is freezing cold in winter and it’s crucial everyone is covered properly so I can’t take any chances and with the SwaddleMe Blanket I don’t have to worry about the baby kicking the blanket of and all sorts etc.

Mothercare Bath Flannels
I had these for my wild child and there great for a multiple of things. I used them to wash him, wipe his dribble, I kept one in the changing bag for sticky fingers and mess while out and about. They could have been softer but I guess there fine for their purpose.

Mothercare Cellular Blanket
This is another product that I used also for my wild child. Like most blankets it’s simple and it serves its purpose.  And, it also washed great and is very durable. I still have my wild child’s one and use it as throw on his junior bed.

The Hydrant Water Bottle
Now, I bought this product as I though it really suits my needs. Due to having stiff joints and muscles it’s not always possible for me to lift drinking glasses and mugs especially when I’m feeling weak and tired. And, I imagine that’s how I’m going to be feeling in labour and after the birth so this is one thing I believe will really aid me. I will let you know how I get along with it after the birth.

Primark Nightie
I bought this to use as my birthing gown. As much as some don’t care about what they’re wearing once they go into labour, I did with my wild child. But, it was too late for me then as I didn’t buy anything to give birth in and I ended up feeling really awkward and conscious while I was in labour. So, this time I’m ready as the last I need is to be worried about how I look when giving birth to a child.

Well, that’s all for me. Have you been shopping lately or accumulated any baby products? If so why not share by using the comment box below.

So, until next time,

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants Review

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Throughout my last pregnancy and throughout this pregnancy, my comfort has been the one of the most important things to me. And, I believe to be comfortable it’s important to be in comfortable clothes and that where my Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants come in.
:: Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants ::
Throughout my last pregnancy, I didn’t buy one piece of maternity clothes just solely because I was just fortunate enough to fit into my clothes throughout most of the pregnancy and when I didn’t I just lived in pyjamas. So, when I found out I was pregnant this time I had no intentions of buying maternity clothes as I still do live in pyjamas most of the time. But, what I didn’t anticipate is my tummy getting so big so early in the pregnancy which even made pyjamas uncomfortable at times! Thus, when I was about five months I decided I needed to buy a pair of comfortable pants that I could move around in easily without feeling like someone’s squeezing my tummy.

I popped into my nearest Mothercare and purchased what seemed to be a pair of basic yoga pants in one size larger than my usual size. At £20 pounds I did find them a bit pricey for being basic yoga pants but at the time I just thought it is okay to spend that much on yoga pants as I’m only buying the one pair and I can always where them after I give birth as well. Now would you like to know if it’s a purchase that I regret? Noooooooooooo. I’m glad I bought these yoga pants because there soooooo comfortable and since I’ve bought them, I have lived in them more then I live in my pyjamas. Sorry Pyjamas!

The Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane. The pants have elasticated waistband which can sit over or under the bump (I prefer it under, just in case you’re wondering) It’s machine washable at 40 and can be tumble dried. I found they wash and dry very well and haven’t lost their shape even after the amount of use I’ve put them in.

The Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants are of very good quality and most importantly for me they are super-duper soft. They’re very comfortable for me to just relax in, do my household chores or even some yoga well that’s only if I feel like it.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of fabulous, comfortable, super-soft maternity pants to lounge around in or just get through your pregnancy in then look no further and head down to Mothercare and pick up your pair of the Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants or click HERE to head over to the Mothercare website (oh don’t I sound like a telesales woman!).

So my lovelies, what are your favourite pieces of maternity clothing especially your maternity pants? Share with me via the comments box below.

That’s all for now so until next time,

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

30th Week: Preparations!!!

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Well, this week has been all about making preparations for my unborn sprog. As this is my 30th week my baby should be here with us within ten weeks and for that's not a long time. As much as I can't wait to have him/her with me, only ten weeks to make the remaining of the preparations doesn't seem like enough time.

Anyhow, I've spent this week making preparations for Labour especially preparing my hospital bag. I still haven't got all the essentials but they should be in the post as I've been ordering stuff online throughout the whole week.

I have also been making preparations for Labour by trying to decide on factors regarding my birth plan. I've especially been dwelling on the idea of C-Section come and read about my thoughts on it HERE.

Other than making preparations, my week started of quite blue but eventually I got to mixed colours and now everything's all bright. I had an appointment with my midwife this week and all is well with my unborn sprog.

Well, that's my 30th week. How was yours?

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Still under the Weather...

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Unfortunately, I’m’ still under the weather and to day I’ve been feeling really really really unwellL. I’ve been in bed all-day as it’s been one of those days for me where I don’t want to leave the comfort of my bed, duvet and pillows.

Spending the whole day in bed made me acknowledge all the things that have comforted me throughout this pregnancy generally and especially whenever I’ve felt blue. So, this made me think what would be better than sharing these things with you today.

Here’s my list of things that provide me with relaxation, ease and cosiness when I’m feeling blue or I’m under the weather:

  • My Bed. Even though this list is in no particular order, my bed has to come first because I can’t cope without it. Awwww, I love You Bed.

  • My Pillows and Duvet. Like today, whenever I’m feeling unwell my pillows are shoulders for me to cry on and my duvet is that hug that I don’t want to let go of. Not literally but I’m sure you get the picture.

  • Drinking Straws. I LOVE DRINKING STRAWS and since I’ve been pregnant I can’t bear to drink without them. I don’t actually know what it is about them that I love so much but I guess that doesn’t matter.

  • Hot Cup of Tea. Now living in England with the great English Weather, I’m not sure who actually won’t find comfort in a cup of hot tea.

  • Sweets. Cherry Drops, Skittles, Starbursts are all little gems that always keep me going even when I don’t have much of an appetite.

  • Scented Candles. The aroma of gentle vanilla or white musk always calms me and I believe it somewhat eases me if I feel tense or irritated.

  • Bubble Bath. Oh the luxury in having a bubble bath especially when I’m not feeling too good. A bubble bath in a candle lit ambience always leaves me feeling pampered. It’s something that makes my day regardless of how bad I feel.

  • Comfy Pyjamas/Nighty. What’s cosier than spending my days in my comfortable nighty or pyjamas?

Well, those are the things that help me through my blue days. What are yours?

I’m going back to zzzzz land so until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

C-Section: To Choose or Not to Choose

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:; My Delicious Dinner, Yummy Jacket Potato ::
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I haven’t been feeling too well and unfortunately I’ve been feeling worse today (yes, poor meL). So, while we sat down to eat our dinner, I couldn’t stop moaning and groaning due to pain and suddenly my wild child’s father popped a question that I’ve been trying to avoid and not think about since I’ve found out I’m pregnant. However, I guess I knew I was going to have to face the question sooner or later. As serious as the matter am I found our small conversation to be quite hilarious when I recall in my mind now:

“If you’re feeling like this now, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO COPE DURING LABOUR???” Wild Child’s Father asked

Argghhhhhhhhhhh, my stomach’s hurtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing” I replied

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED HAVING A C-SECTION?” he questioned demandingly

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, why won’t this pain stopppp. LORD HELP MEEEEEEEEE” I screamed out

“You really need to think about what’s best for you and not just what you’d prefer!” He explained

“Okay, can I get some water please?” I asked and the conversation ended

It might be just my unusual humour that makes me find that conversation hilarious but regardless, getting back to the point at hand you might ask why I am avoiding the question. Well, it’s because a part of me knows that the C-Section is the better option for me but as I’m a strong believer in the natural ways of life, ideally I’d prefer a natural birth with only natural pain relief. So I guess I’m trying to push for a natural birth as much as I can. I have don’t condone or have anything against C-Sections, it’s just that I don’t prefer it over a natural birth.

A natural birth for me is one of the prime moments of the whole bringing a child into the world process. I know a lot of women dread it before and after experiencing it. And, I can’t say my previous experience was easy but still it’s one of the most memorable moments of my life and I don’t want to not have that with this child. And I won’t have it if I have a C-section!

Even though I really really really would like to have a natural birth, I’m being advised left, right and centre to have a C-Section by Medical Professionals, Friends and Family alike. The reasons a C-Section is preferable for me is firstly due to it being less painful, quick and obviously there are less chances of complications. Whereas, in a natural birth there are many complications that I have to be prepared for, for instance, anxiety attacks & hyperventilation, chest tightening, black outs, joints dislocating and becoming immobilised due to joint stiffness etc.

Due to the obvious reasons I haven’t totally ruled out having a planned C-Section, but for now my plan is that I go in with the plan of a natural birth and then if I need to due to the circumstances I can always have an emergency C-section. I have until my 35th week which is five weeks from now to decide and then my birth-plan is going to be drawn up.

So, what do you lovelies think about my conundrum? I could really do with some opinions from women that are in a similar situation or have been in the past.

So, that’s all for now,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Monday, 6 August 2012

I can't...Because I'm Pregnant!

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Today has been another day that’s going to go in my diary of blue days! Not feeling too good, my natural instincts started playing up and I started to crave for comfort and soon I realised all the things I was craving for were the things I can’t do, eat, etc. because I’m pregnant. So, then out of curiosity I decided to think of “all” the things that come under “I can’t…Because I’m Pregnant”

Of all the things I came up with, as usual most of it relates back to food but most of them are small but still have been really inconvenient for as they seem to be what I want the most. Feeling really sorry for me I thought I’d lighten my mood by sharing these things with you.

Thus, here’s my “I can’t…Because I’m Pregnant” list:

  • I can’t eat Tiramisu because I’m pregnant. I don’t know about the ready-made shop ones but to make it at home my recipe contains raw eggs which you’re not allowed to consume during pregnancy.
  • I can’t touch my toes because I’m pregnant. Having Joint Hypermobility Syndrome has always made stretching, bending in awkward positions very easy and sometimes it’s a good way to relax my stiff joints and muscles, but due to my humongous bump I’ve been deprived of that advantage as well.
  • I can’t control my emotions because I’m pregnant. Feeling like a vulnerable baby that needs all the attention in the world one minute and feeling like the wicked witch of the west doesn’t sit well with me. And, that’s because I’m a very patient person that likes to be in control but during this pregnancy my emotions have a mind of their own.
  • I can’t stop eating because I’m pregnant. My love for food; cooking, eating, hopefully one day growing are passions that have dominated my life but can you imagine what it feels like when a passion turns into a weakness that there’s no control over? Well, that’s what eating has become for me since I’ve become pregnant. I just can’t stop or say NO!
  • I can’t think straight without worrying because I’m pregnant. My logic and planning skills have seemed too gone out the window. I can’t plan or organise anything without going into frenzy where prior to pregnancy I enjoyed planning and organising.
  • I can’t sleep in my favourite position because I’m pregnant. I’ve always slept on my stomach and I know don’t recommend it but it’s the only position I feel comfortable in and now I can’t do that due to my bump.
  • I can’t lift myself up off the floor because I’m pregnant. I’m use to sitting on the floor whether I’m eating or just generally but now it’s become a problem because as much as I try I can’t get up without help.
  • I can’ walk without wobbling because I’m pregnant. If you’ve seen Blobby then you should understand what I mean by saying I feel like Blobby. Wobbling side-to-side and forward & back. Gosh it’s like my lower legs are springs not bones.
  • I can’t stand the smell of bleach because I’m pregnant. Now, this is weird because most pregnant woman take a liking for the smell of bleach/cleaning products but with me it’s the opposite, I usually like the smell of bleach but due to being pregnant I can’t even take a whiff of it. That makes cleaning impossible!
  • I can’t stop obsessing because I’m pregnant. Whether it’s stuff for my unborn sprog, thinking of taking care of two children, working out mu finances. I just can’t stop obsessing over everything. I’m always thinking about one thing or the other.

Well, those are the things that make the most difference for me, have you got a list of things of “I can’t…Because I’m Pregnant” list and if so will you share it with me?

That’s all for me today, so until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Saturday, 4 August 2012

29th Week: Iron Deficiency!

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Greetings *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

I’ve had a Iron deficiency since the early weeks of my pregnancy but earlier this week I received a daunting letter from my GP, informing me that that the iron deficiency has worsen. So, from taking one iron tablet a day I’ve been bumped up to five iron tablets a day!

Until I started taking the five tablets a day this week, I hardly noticed a reaction from the iron tablet but since I’ve been taking five a day I have been feeling really unwell. I’ve been very nauseas, sick, breathless and instead of feel a little bit stronger due to the iron, I’m feel even more weak. I haven’t been able to talk to my GP about these reactions yet but will do in the week ahead. In the meantime, if any of you lovelies have had a similar experience with iron tablets please get in touch and tell me if there’s anything I can do stop them or lessen them.

Due to my troublesome iron deficiency, I haven’t been able to do much this week and most of the things I have done have been from the comfort of my bed. The highlights of this week are very simple but enjoyable and interesting. Here are some of them:

  • Throughout this week I’ve been really enjoying bed-time with my wild child and if you would like to know what our all-time children’s books are then clickity HERE.
  • Started getting Braxton Hicks this week and I don’t like them. However when I got my first few this week I realised I didn’t know what they exactly were so I decided to do some research and wow did I find some interesting  gen! Click HERE to come and read about what I found.
  • I started to prepare for packing my hospital bag and asked for your help in doing so, so please click HERE if you would like to help me.

My unborn sprog has been causing me a lot of discomfort this week; especially the sudden fierce movements have been causing me pain especially when the pressure falls on my pelvic bone. He/she is doing fine. My bumps getting ginormous by the day, I can’t see my feet!

Anyhow that’s my 29th iron deficient week, how’s your week been and what have you been doing?

That’s all for me now, so until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Friday, 3 August 2012

My Wild Child the Philosopher!

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“Tomorrow’s not today, so forget about tomorrow!” That’s what my four year old wild child decided to tell me when I and his father where discussing whether I should go shopping tomorrow to buy more baby clothes or not.

Normally, my wild child’s choice of words gives me the giggles as I find them so cute and hilarious. However, today I and his father both were left flabbergasted by my son’s wise words. At that precise point it seemed that the roles swapped, we were the children and he was the parent. I still find it quite bizarre when I think about it.

:: Prawn Curry with Rice & Salad ::
That’s all I have to share with you today as my dinners in front me saying “EAT ME, EAT ME” So, I’ll leave you with a question, what things have your children done that has left you feeling misplaced, weird and amazed all at the same time?

Until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Thursday, 2 August 2012

What shall I pack for Labour?

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Greetings *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

The weather has gone Bi-Polar today, one minute it’s raining and another minute it’s the sun is blazing down on my skin through my double glazed windows. But, there weather’s not the only thing that’s unstable today as I also have been having these sudden persona changes. What it is you see, yesterday being the first of August it dawned upon me that I have only twelve weeks to prepare everything for the baby and that put me in panic mode. Twelve weeks may sound like a long time but due to having such an unstable health and also looking at the way things have been there’s a big chance I’ll be spending a lot of time being bedridden until the birth and even after. Thus, today I’ve been having these sudden moments where I feel like there’s much that needs to be doing and I start panicking, then I relax myself by telling myself that it will be okay as I don’t have to do all of it myself and this cycles has been rolling for the whole day!

Now, what needs to be done, you may wonder. Well as for the main things, I still have the first baby essentials to acquire (click HERE for the list) and I need re-furbish my bedroom which includes purchasing a few bits of furniture so it’s suitable for me and my unborn sprog as we’ll be sharing. I can’t do any of these for now well today, so I’ve decided to plan my labour bag so I can at least have that ready within the next week in case there’s an emergency and I need to in early.

However, I’m a little confused about what to pack on the whole even though this is the second time I’ll be doing this (I can’t remember what I packed last time). I have some idea of the essentials I need to take but there are things I’m not sure about so I decided to make to lists. The first one with the things I know I’m going to take, the second list with the things that I’m not sure if I should take or not and that’s where you come in. I would really appreciate if you lovely ladies could help me with the things that I’m not sure about or even tell me about things that you feel I need to take that aren’t included in my labour bag.

So here are the lists:

List of items that I’m sure about 

  • 10-15 Nappies 
  • Baby Shawl 
  • Baby Towel 
  • Cotton Pads 
  • Olive Oil 
  • Swaddle Wrap 
  • Three Babygros 
  • Three Hats 
  • Three pairs of scratch mitten 
  • Three Pairs of socks 
  • Three Vests 
  • Two Hooded Jackets 
  • 10 Large Cotton Underwear 
  • 2 Nursing Bras 
  • 2 Nursing Gowns/sleeping dresses 
  • 20 Maternity Pads 
  • Breast Pads 
  • Going-home Outfit 
  • Hair Brush, Hair Ties & Head Band 
  • Lansinoh 
  • Toiletries 
  • Towel 
  • Water Spray 
  • Camera & charger 
  • Juice Cartons 
  • Phone & Charger 
  • Snacks

List of Items I’m not sure about 

  • Duvet – As I’m due in October, It’s going to be cold and a duvet is something I can’t be comfortable without at home but my home is quite cold and the hospital might be warm. 
  • Laptop/iPad – I usually don’t sleep much during the night and I need to keep myself occupied but I’m scared of it getting stolen etc. 
  • Pillows

Also, do you think I should pack everything in one big bag or have separate bags for me and the baby?

I hope you lovelies do help me as I’m just baffled. Well, that’s all for now,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What are Braxton Hicks?

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It’s five o clock in the morning, it hasn’t even been three hours since I fell asleep and why am I awake? Braxton Hicks, yes that’s why.  Even though this is my second pregnancy until half an hour ago I had no idea to what Braxton Hicks were! Just knew what they felt like but why they occur, are they serious, I didn’t have a clue. So, I decided to investigate (I know that’s an overstatement, but I’m really in the mood for some theatrics this morning, aren’t you?), and I’ve found the answers I was looking for.

However, I sat wondering how many other pregnant lovelies are out there, clueless to why they might get these strange feelings/sensations in their bodies just like the way I was? During my last pregnancy no one as in midwife/GP explained what they were and this time round I wasn’t going to wait to find out something that I believe should be explained to a pregnant women anyway. So, here I am doing my own little research which I’m sharing with you in the hope that its somewhat of help.

What are Braxton Hicks?
Braxton Hicks are muscle contractions in your uterus. Usually they start around the 28th week of your pregnancy but may start earlier or later. The muscles in your uterus contract for half a minute then release, this usually happens once or twice an hour, a few times a day in an irregular pattern. It’s said that Braxton Hicks are a way of the uterus preparing itself for labour and in earlier stages Braxton hick are what keep the fibres in the uterus toned. Some specialists/experts call them “practice contractions” or “false contractions”. 

What do Braxton Hicks feel like?
For some pregnant women, Braxton Hicks feel like a tightening across their tummies where some relate the feeling to menstrual cramps and some pregnant women don’t feel them at all! They are usually painless and some women even enjoy the tightening sensation. However, they van become slightly painful towards the end of your pregnancy especially when the baby’s head is moving down in to position.

What can be done to cope with Braxton Hicks?
If the Braxton Hicks become very painful, it usually means you’re doing too much and sometimes even light activity can bring them on. Normally more rest, less movement, hot baths can sort out any discomfort. But, if in any case you doubt them to be the real contractions, they're too painful or come with any other symptoms such as spotting/bleeding etc. then contact your GP or Midwife immediately.

Also for more detailed information please speak to your GP/Midwife about Braxton Hicks.

Did you find the information helpful? I hope you did and as usual if you would like some further reading material on the topic at hand then have a peep at the following links:

So, that’s all for now,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:
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