Monday, 16 April 2012

12 or 14 Week Routine Scan

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My 12 Week Scan was due this morning and I was on my way to the hospital with swollen knees, Yippee! No, I was miserable, moody, cold, wet due to the rain, I felt like I hadn’t slept for days and I just wanted to be in my warm cosy bed. But, just the though of missing out on seeing my bubble baby dragged me all the way to the cold hospital bed where I saw my sprog! Little tiny legs, arms, even fingers.

We got out pictures and was about to leave the room when

The Sonographer announced “your due date is 14th of October”,

“but I was told in my dating scan that it is the 23rd of October” I said

She explained “sometimes early dating scans miscalculate but there’s nothing to worry about”

I was upset because for some reason I felt like I missed a week of pregnancy!

Before the scan I had a 12 week & 6 Days bump and after the scan my bump became 14 Weeks & 1 Day.

That’s all for now ,

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