Saturday, 14 April 2012

First appointment with the Perinatal Psychiatrist

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I was on my way to the hospital, for my first appointment with the Perinatal psychiatrist. I was all giddy and nervous at the same time. Giddy about waking up early (7am) as that’s not my usual norm and nervous about how the appointment was going to go.

The Appointment was an assessment to work out a care plan. Which I guess is the routine of most initial appointments.  The psychiatrist explained her role and what she intends to do. By the end of the appointment I was told she was going to take over my care and she’ll be in contact soon.

I found the appointment to be like most of my initial routine medical appointments. I discussed my history, my current issues, what action I would like to be taken etc. I found all of it quite very difficult but more frustrating. I haven’t had any kind of therapy recently, last time was about a year go so having to open again was very difficult especially when it’s about issues that I haven’t come to terms with. And frustrating because I'm tired of having to repeat everything over and over again to people who all work for NHS, I would have thought by now they would be able to share notes. At least between my GP and themselves.

I do understand that in certain circumstances there are confidentiality issues and that they may just be asking to get me to talk about it etc. But, that is not the case here, they have a lot of my information (including sensitive issues) but then they don’t have other critical information which is crucial to them. When I confronted the psychiatrist about this she actually admitted “it’s a lack of communication”.

Anyway that was the appointment, so until next time,

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