Monday, 9 April 2012

Introduction to My Second Pregnancy

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8 Weeks ago, I took this test and Voila, I'm pregnant for the second time. I'm already a mother to a three year old "Wild Child", but I still feel like this is my first pregnancy! Weird, what do you think? Weird or Not, it is a little mind-boggling, feeling all these emotions like it's the first time but knowing that it's not.

First Pregnancy with Umar (wild child), was straight forward but still quite traumatic due to Physical pain, Unstable circumstances, Psychological issues etc. And, the first pregnancy triggered of some health issues that I'm stuck with now. Joint Hypermobilty Syndrome & P.T.S.D (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) are the major health issues I have. So, since I've found out I'm pregnant again, I've been worried about how pregnancy will effect my health or how my health will effect my pregnancy. That fear set me on a pursuit to find all the required information regarding my health issues & pregnancy or pregnancy alone. The results were great in terms of "general pregnancy", but as for Pregnancy information relating to my health conditions I was a quite disappointed! Don't get me wrong, there is some information out there but not everything I needed. Also, all the information I found was scattered over a number of sites, which for me was quite confusing and that was when I decided I'm going share my pregnancy journey (as well as the pursuit of motherhood) all in this one place, just so it might be of help to someone out there!

Since the Pregnancy test, I've had a “Booking-in Appointment” and a “Dating Scan”.

The Booking-in Appointment, started off by filling in the first few pages of the “Pregnancy Notes” booklet. Then we discussed my medical history and current conditions. As well as the necessary steps that needs to be taken. Last but not least, she informed about the dos and don’ts: food; alcohol; smoking; exercise and told me about the referrals she was going to make. Finally, A urine test was done and I was giving a few bit and bobs including the First Bounty pack, Emma’s diary etc.

I found the appointment very informing and the midwife was very warming. She answered all my questions in detail, explained everything properly, rather then just touching topics that needed to get ticked of the list in the “Pregnancy Notes” booklet. She referred me to see an Anaesthetist, Obstetrician & Severe Pain consultant for the Joint Hypermobilty. She also referred me to the Case-load Midwife Team and Perinatal Psychiatrist for the P.T.S.D. I found out about the referral to Case-load Midwife Team while I was looking through the Pregnancy Notes, after I came home from the appointment. And I don’t know exactly what their role is other than being a normal midwife. So, if you do please enlighten me.

On the 28th February I had the Dating Scan, it was exciting being able to see the baby sooner rather then at twelve weeks. But, I was a little nervous because the GP informed me that it was going to be done “INTERNALLY” oppose to the “Over the Tummy” Scan that I was already familiar with. However, once I was called in to the Scanning room I didn’t even take notice of what the Sonographer was doing, as I was too occupied at staring at the screen eagerly (I was even trying not to blink) just to see my little Sprog! And before I knew it, my little bubble of a baby with a few pixels of a heart was there! I was told the Gestation was six weeks exactly.

That’s the story so far, so now I'm officially a “Blogger Mum” with an 11 Weeks & 6 Days Bump! 

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  1. Pregnancy is not only excited period for women but also is worried period about fear of its complications.


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