Saturday, 14 April 2012

An Unexpected visit to The A&E

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I felt like my stomach was being clamped down, the sudden pain was so excruciating and all of this just in the matter of leaving the Perinatal psychiatrist’s office and exiting the Outpatients Building. My sight became blurry and I was finding it hard to breath, so before I knew it I was in the A&E. I quickly got assessed and sent to the Early Pregnancy Unit.

I waited over 20 minutes to see a maternity nurse for a consultation. It was a long, painful wait but there were about five people waiting to be seen before me. At the consultation, the nurse checked my blood pressure, urine, took some blood samples and explained that the pains could be sign of a miscarriage, so I should have an Ultrasound scan to check for any abnormalities. By the time I came out of the consultation room the pain disappeared. I was relieved but still worried so decided I need to have the scan to be on the safe side.

It was one pm and I had already waited for an hour to have the scan but then I was told that the unit is now closed for lunch and I should come back at two-thirty pm. When I asked the woman Why I wasn’t informed about this when I came in, I was explained “we normally close at this time but because it’s a Friday where going to see you as were not open on the weekends, if it was a weekday you’d have to come back the next day” I felt like killing someone!

I arranged for Umar and his father to meet me. And when they did we had some lunch. KEBAB, yummy (highlight of my day so far). Then we returned to the unit in due time and thank God I was seen immediately. The scan was perfectly fine, the usual procedure, cold gel, tummy being pushed down but it was amazing especially because my unborn child and my born child (that sounds a bit weird) were there in front of my eyes for me to see them together! Umar lost interest in the little screen after a minute or so and became very curious about the bed levers.  I was very happy, so happy that It felt like the hours prior to that moment didn’t exist.

And that was it; I was on my way home all safe and sound.

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