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Sponsored Posts

Time to time, I might do sponsored post on this blog, where I will be paid or given vouchers in return for publishing something on my blog. The money or vouchers from these will help me go that bit further. I will only publish sponsored posts that I feel are helpful for you and myself, meet the criteria of my blog and are sincere. All my sponsored posts will be clearly marked at the beginning of the post with this link “Sponsored Post” and will link back to this page.

Complimentary Products

I’m open to receiving complimentary products for reviewing, but I would like you to know that my reviews will not be biased due to receiving the product free and will always be honest. Theses post will also be clearly marked with a “Complimentary Product” link that will link back to this page.

If you are a company or organisation that would like me to write/publish a sponsored post for you or review a product for you, please email me at trinketoftreasure@gmail.com

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