Monday, 28 May 2012

Dunelm-Mill Body Pillow Review

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Getting myself a body pillow was a must when I found out I was pregnant, because it was hard enough sleeping before I was pregnant and I just it was going to get a whole load worse. So, I wanted all the support and comfort I could get so I can have a pleasant 40 winks! But, when I actually went to buy one my first stop was Mothercare (typical, hey?) and I just couldn’t justify spending £30/£40 on it. Thus, I left without a body pillow and I did this on a few more occasions in the weeks to follow. Went in to buy it but once I got there, just couldn’t do it. This was only a body pillow imaging what I’d do if I was to buy a house or car!

Two weeks things got BAD, I couldn’t sleep at all. I was a walking talking zombie and honestly I’m not exaggerating. I felt like I was living “Shaun of the Dead”. Therefore, I decided I need to find another body pillow or just buy one from Mothercare. Not comfortable with the latter, I searched the net like I was searching for the “Holy Grail” and after much triumph, VOILA!


King Size Bolster Pillow £14.99 Dunelm-Mill Website
( I took the picture from Google as my camera ma-bob has been demolished by my son. Sorry!)

At the time of purchase, I was curious about the difference between a “body” pillow and a “bolster” pillow, but reading some of the reviews I noticed people have used it as a Body Pillow that was enough for me to go for it.  And it’s been over a week I’ve been using it and I feel running into a wall every time I think of why I hadn’t bought this sooner!

It’s so comfortable and snuggly that I imagine this is what it would feel like if I was too sleep on a Giant Marshmallow! It’s plump enough to provide medium support but not stiff which makes it easier to position. I sleep with it on my left side using it in between my legs and resting my right side on it and I haven’t had any problems sleeping except the occasional fidget here and there, but that’s just me. The length is long enough to support people of most heights and the quality of making is overall good. It doesn’t come with a cover but I bought myself one on Ebay for £5.63 Including P&P.

I know that it’s just a body pillow but for me its godsend. Not just to help me during this pregnancy, but because I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the last four years due to the HMS and I just thought nothing could help except strong pain relief. However, since I’ve got this body pillow I hardly feel the need to take pain relief to get me comfortable. As all my troubled Joints feel supported and even though the pain is there, I can still restfully sleep.

It’s probably very obvious by now that I would recommend this body pillow to anyone that needs extra support in bed regardless of whether you’re pregnant, have arthritis etc. And for £15 it’s a bargain. So, if you’re interested in buying it pop into your nearest Dunelm-Mill store or order online at: (£3.95 extra for P&P)

and for the pillow cover at:

Do you use a body pillow and what do you think of it and if you used this one what are your thoughts on it?

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  1. I was the same about spending such a large amount on my body pillow when I was pregnant with my daughter so I got the triangle one from Dunelm! It was the best investment and we use it still! I will defiantly be investing another one hopefully soon!

  2. Oh, Seonaid I can't actually express how pleased I am with this purchase. I don't know if it's because it's such a humble product that has proved to be so helpful or that I@mjust overjoyed due to increased Hormone levels!


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