Saturday, 5 May 2012

16th Week: Eating Disorder

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Okay, It’s going to be one week tomorrow that I've been at my mums and Umar is with his Dad. Everyone at my mums except for my dad (mum, two sisters), is making me feel like they’re the ones’ who’s having the baby. Discussion is mostly “will do this during the pregnancy”, “let’s do that after the baby’s born”, “shall we buy this?”, “can you call the baby…” I'm not complaining rather quite enjoying now, but shouldn’t I suppose to be the one that’s baby crazy?

So a week of me lazing about without feeling guilty, giggling with my sisters at four/five o clock in the morning and eating what ever I want or is that so?

Well all of it’s true except the “eating” part. Now, I like my food and I have a healthy appetite but recently I just can’t eat, whether it’s home-cooked or at a restaurant, after a mouth full or so I just can’t eat anymore. And no, I don’t snack more than what’s recommended and it’s not just some food, it’s all food! It’s upsetting. I love food and now even when it’s  in front of me on a plate I Miss It because I cant eat it.

Have you had any similar experience or know why this may happen? If so, please comment.

That’s all for now,

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