Sunday, 27 May 2012

Pregnant & Bothered!

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Okay, so were all told that hormonal changes cause mood swings during pregnancy, but nobody told me that I might want to bite heads off at times! Even though this is my second pregnancy, I still can’t understand these so-called normal changes. How can something that instantly turns me into a MONSTER and back be normal? “It’s normal” that’s all I’m told by my midwife, GP, Health Visitor etc. But, I now want to ask you what do you think and can you relate?

Being a mother of a nearly-four year old child, while being pregnant makes my blood boil at times anyway, but having a spontaneous outburst at the same time is just crazy. It’s like one minute I’m asking him politely to give me the tele remote and the next thing I know is I just yelled “GIVE ME THE REMOTE NOW” at the top of my lungs! Afterwards, I actually feel like my body was possessed for that spilt thirty seconds. Surprisingly, all I get from him is “okay, don’t shout” not “mummy, what’s wrong?”

Already suffering from P.T.S.D, I assumed my mental state was going to worsen especially that my mood was going to be very unhappy full spot, but to my surprise being pregnant hasn’t affected my mood in general. It’s just these sudden outbursts that I can’t control.

When I found out I was pregnant again, I actually thought “oh being pregnant won’t be as confusing and hard as the first time. I’ve already done it all once before!” LOL, I must have been definitely possessed then to think that!

So my lovelies, I have a few questions for you below, please take the time and answer them by commenting below:

  • How has being pregnant effected/effecting your mental state?

  • Do you have sudden outburst like me and if so is there any logic in them?

  • How do you maintain your mood during this flabbergasting time of your life?

I hope you all share your experiences with me so they can help me feel a bit more natural about my Mood instead of feeling like a Possessed Soul.

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  1. Hello. Popping over from Netmums and just wanted to wish you well and I hope the writing of this blog helps to melt away some of those frustrations. It really can be therapy sometimes. x

  2. Thank you for taking the time to come and pay me a visit. I definately agree with you, writing is very therapeutic!

    I hope to hear from you again



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