Thursday, 17 May 2012

What is a Caseload Midwife?

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I had my first appointment with my Caseload midwife last week. But, until then I had no idea on what a Caseload midwife was, how they differentiated from a normal midwife etc. So, I started doing some digging and I decided to write this post on what I have found for anybody else that doesn’t know what the purpose of Caseload midwifes are.

Who are they and what is the purpose?
Caseload midwifes are a team of local midwifes that provide one on one care to pregnant women as well as for their partners (if there is one).  Each midwife has a personal caseload of pregnant woman who they aim to provide care for throughout the pregnancy as well as after the baby is born. They are very flexible when it comes to appointment times, places the duration of the appointment compared to a community midwife who is more limited. They can provide more specialised care depending on the individual’s needs. For instance, my midwife has arranged all my ante-natal care to be at home if possible as it’s inconvenient for me to travel out.

Who can have a Caseload midwife?
Due to low number of Caseload midwifes, their service is not always available to everyone. It also depends on how many midwifes there are in the borough you live in. They aim to work with women that have mental-illness/es, previous pregnancy difficulties or traumas, physical disabilities etc.

So, if you feel you need or just want a one on one care service, you can always ask your GP about it or request to be on your current midwifes personal caseload or be referred to the Caseload midwifes team.
I hope this information will be of some help.

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