Saturday, 23 June 2012

23rd Week: FIRST-TIMES

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My 23rd Week has been full of FIRST-TIMES. FIRST-TIMES in cooking things, FIRST-TIMES in making things and FIRST-TIMES in doing things etc. So, I thought rather than an in-depth summary of my week I’ll share my FIRST-TIMES with you:

  • I started of the week by doing my FIRST "If I were..." meme. If you would like to find out more about it or join in click HERE.

  • For my Wild child's fourth birthday which was on Tuesday (Come and read more about it HERE), I cooked and baked a few things for the FIRST-TIME. Such as Buffalo wings, Sugar Cookies and a Fondant covered Birthday Cake.
:: Sugar Cookies ::
:: Birthday Cake ::
  • Also for his birthday, I got a little crafty and decided to set a theme to his little party. So for the FIRST-TIME, I made my very own birthday banner from scratch with a pretty blue tissue paper background and Cupcake toppers. It was very fun making them but I was left with stiff and painful fingers from all the cutting and sticking.
:: Our themed desserts table ::

  • For the FIRST-TIME in my history, I actually looked forward to watching BBC's Question Time this week. I personally can't sit and watch the programme for the life of me. It's not because I have something against it or dislike it, it's just that I tend to get a banging headache every time I watch it. I think it's PSYCHOLOGICAL!!! But getting back to the point, this week I wanted to watch it because I wanted to see what was said about Cherie Blair's criticism on Yummy Mummies. It's a topic that touched me when I heard a discussion about it on LBC. However, due to my luck I didn't get to watch Question Time!

  • This wasn't just my FIRST-TIME, but also my Wild child's. He rode a SCOOTER!!! As simple and common it is for a child to ride their bike or scooter for the FIRST-TIME, I believe it's a memory that most parents remember and cherish. It's become somewhat of a typical milestone in a child's life. I'm personally very intrigued by the fact that motherhood has taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life even more than i did prior to Motherhood.

  • The GlossyBox this month has also introduced me to a few new names for the FIRST-TIME, such as BM Beauty, MeMeMe. Would you like to know more about my June GlossyBox? If so click HERE.
:: GlossyBox June 2012 ::
:: MeMeMe Catwalk Nail Gloss ::
:: BM Beauty Bronzer ::

  • Lastly, for the FIRST-TIME I'm acknowledging how many FIRST-TIMES there have been.

Well, that's my FIRST-TIMES for this week. Even though there small things I feel very accomplished and somewhat proud. Big or Small it's good to try new things don't you agree?

As for my Unborn-Sprog, She/He is up to it's usual self. Kicking, Punching, Doing Aerobic etc. Pregnancy Itself hasn't been much different this week and I haven't had any appointments so there's not much to say here.

How has your week been and have you had any FIRST-TIMES this week or recently?

Until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

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