Monday, 25 June 2012

Why a Home-education instead of Schooling?

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Today, I want to talk about Home-education. Since I found out I was pregnant with my first child I decided I was going to home-educate my child until he is old enough to attend a faith school (which is at the age of five) and now that I’m pregnant with the second I’m still very persistent on a Home-education.

Now why I want to talk about Home-education today is because over the last year, I have realised most people I’ve come across whether they’re professionals or other parents, have always been persistent on me sending my son to nursery and they do it in a way that leaves me thinking that they feel that I’m depriving my son of a normal upbringing by choosing to give him a Home-education! And, I don’t understand why a lot of people feel this way, feel that sending children to school is normal and giving them a home-education is not! I hope I’m not coming across as offended by people that think/feel that way because I’m not. I’m just very curious to why in this time we are so limited to the way we choose to think. If the option is there for a parent/guardian to home-educate their children then why do people choose to excuse it?

I feel that, the kind of education a child receives should be the parent’s preference, as long as the child’s interest is at best. Parents should be able to tell what is best for their child/children and should be able to make decisions for them without having to conform to society or the norms that are in their surroundings.

I’ve chosen to give my child a home-education for his early years instead of sending him to nursery because personally I feel that some of my faith and personal beliefs clash with what public schools/nurseries teach. Also, I believe I can do a better job at home as I will know how and what my child is learning, how he is progressing, his difficulties and strengths when it comes to learning.

My Wild Child just turned four a few days ago and even if I must say myself he has already learnt a lot more at home than what he would have learnt in nursery now. He knows his English and Arabic alphabets, numbers up to 25, can read and recognise more than a handful of words and a lot more etc. I don’t believe my son has SMART written all over his Genes, but I do believe that the home-education that I and his father are providing him with is the key to him picking up so fast. And, the thing I find amazing is we haven’t even implemented a routine yet. Everything he has learnt so far has been through general experiences such as reading at bedtime and naptime, reading signs and posters while outside, counting sweets, playing games etc. Now, I’m curious to see how things will change as it’s time to set a schedule!

Now, please tell me your views on a Home-education, what do you think of it and have you had any experience with Home-education?

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