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GlossyBox June 2012

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GlossyBox June 2012

So, I received my second GlossyBox on Monday and I’m still pretty impressed by what I have received. I haven’t been able to give everything a proper run but I still wanted to share my findings with you so here it is:

Vichy Dermablend Starter Kit 6 Samples (Fullsize 12g £19.00 The Garden): I’ve never used any of Vichy’s products before but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Dermablend Range. So, when I saw this I was very pleased and excited. After I tried a little on a few of my blemishes, I was really blown away by the coverage it gave. I think this product will do wonders for people with blemished and other skin flaws. Also, the idea of supplying six samples is great as you get to really narrow down what shade is for you at the comfort of your own space.

GlossyBox Pro Beauty Brush: Now, I’m all up for a free make-up brush but I was very disappointed with productL. I found it very scratchy and not soft at all so I won’t be using mine. Maybe it’s just the one I received!

MeMeMe Sensous Nail Gloss 5ml (12ml £4.50 MeMeMe):  I adore the colour of this Nail Gloss but I’m not someone that normally applies nail polishes so this is another product I won’t be making much use of. Regardless, I thought I’ll give a test and check the quality of the product and I found that as much as the colour is lovely it did take me four coats for full coverage.

BM Summer Warmth Bronzer 1g (4g £8.00 BM Beauty): This is another product from a brand that I’ve never tried before but I’m very pleased with this bronzer pigment as I found it very soft and sheer without much glitter unlike most other bronzers I’ve come across. I can’t wait for the sun to come back out so I can wear this.

CAUDALIE ZESTE DE VIGNE Fragrance 10ml (50ml £26.00 CAUDALIE): I love zesty, citrusy scents so I was so glad when I got this. It’s so refreshing & invigorating. Feels like spraying sprinkle of summer on me and the size is just perfect for on the go.

My estimate is the total of this box is £29.00. I’m quite pleased with this box as I’ve been introduced to a few new brands and on the whole the products are very appealing. If you're interested in any of the products please click on the link in corresponding bracket and if you're interested in the GlossyBox then click HERE. So, now you tell me what did you think of your box this month?

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