Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Appointment with The Anaesthetist

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Oh, I’m very sorry for being absent the last few days, I actually feel like I’ve neglected my blog! Oh will it ever forgive me? So, where have I been? I’ve been at my mother’s for a few days, shopping and other wanders. But, today I’m going to take about my visit to the Anaesthetist yesterday.

I’m not exactly sure why my midwife referred me to see an anaesthetist, but I guessed it was because she assumed I might need/want more pain relief during Labour. So, it can help me cope with Labour pains as well as the existing pain issues I have due to the Joint Hypermobility Syndrome.

Now for the actual appointment, it was interesting as the consultant didn’t actually think I would need an epidural as I’m already use to coping with chronic pain, but the option of an epidural is going to be there.

What got me thinking is how much of a difference does an epidural make? I’m already accustomed to Tramadol and the option of morphine is available to me if I feel that I need it, so will an epidural actually work better than Morphine? These are all question’s I’m asking due to my curiosity not because I’m planning taking any pain relief during labour. I’m actually hoping for a natural birth like the first time.

Have you experience the use of an epidural or how did you find it? Please share your experience with me.

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