Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Are Cartoons Drugs?

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Lately, my Wild Child has become a Cartoon Junkie! Fireman Sam, Little Bear, Milly Molly, Timothy Goes To School are his choice of drugs. Now, you might think I’m being a bit extreme comparing cartoons to drugs but honestly that’s how I feel about it. His going to be four years old in exactly two weeks and his been watching cartoons for less than six months, before then he didn’t even know these channels on sky existed and now that’s all he wants to watch. How did this Happen?

I personally prefer him watching as less tele as possible. From since he was inside me I’ve implemented books, reading on to him and he’s loved it. I do believe watching tele is beneficial if done properly so I’ve always been very peculiar about what he may watch and how much of it. And it was all fine until these cartoons were introduced to him during by relatives during a sleepover and since then it just seems like that’s all he knows. Initially, I didn’t mind him watching cartoons as long as it was within the limit but he became obsessed with it, didn’t wish to do anything else not even READ! And, that’s what pushed me of the edge so I put a pin on all the cartoon channels and now he can only watch it according to my liking. But, the thing is the change in his attitude hasn’t reverted, he’s still as obsessed with it as he was before, doesn’t wish to do anything else.  

So, today I decided to divert his attention by interesting him in some Friendly, Sweet BAKING! And VOILA, cartoons went out the window (even if it was for half the day) and we made some simple but delicious Vanilla Cupcakes with Mint Icing.

:: My Wild Child's Vanilla Cupcakes with Mint Icing ::

As much as making these yummys with my wild child, with flour all over the place and eggs on the floor instead of in the bowl was very fun and even more rewarding for me, to my surprise my biggest accomplishment was “mummy I don’t want to watch little bear, let’s just make more and more cakes, every day for a longa longa time”. Now that’s music to my ears.

Therefore, hopefully we are making a chocolate fudge cake tomorrow but the question is what are you doing with your child/children, how do you keep them inspired and how do you distract them from the THE BOX?

Please share your tips so I or others may use them in the future and until next time,

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