Wednesday, 27 June 2012

If I Were... A Chocolate Bar

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So, this week my “If I Were…” is based on what I’m craving for right now! A bar of Chocolate. I don’t consider myself to be a chocoholic, I think of myself as more of a sweety person! But, every so often I do like my fair share of Sho-Kho-latt (My French Accent) and when I do I’m very fussy about what chocolate I want

So here it is:

If I were… A Chocolate Bar
I’d be a Toblerone.

:: Scrummy Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar::

A smooth milk chocolate bar with Honey & Almond Nougat.

Reasons for my choice:
I’m not usually a fan of milk chocolate; I prefer my solid 70%/80% Cocoa! But for some reason a bar of the milk Toblerone is pure bliss for me. I don’t eat it often but I have moments when I actually crave for it. It’s utterly sensational, the honey, almond, milk chocolate just creates a pool of yumminess in my mouth!

So, now tell me what Chocolate Bar are you?

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