Wednesday, 15 August 2012

My Wild Child's First Chocolate Chip Cookies

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After the crazy day yesterday, I decided to have a relaxed day at home today. Deciding not to do much at all me and my wild child spent the whole day reading, watching tele and decided the only “heavy” bit of doing we were going to do is make dessert for our dinner. So, dessert was my wild child’s first chocolate chip cookies!

If you have been following my blog you’ve probably noticed my uncontrollable love for food and as much as it’s not a trait that’s passed down through genetics, when it comes down to my wild child it might as well as be. So, it was no surprise that my son decided to choose to make dessert when I asked him what he wanted to do after we finished reading.

Even when it came to choosing the type of cookies he knew exactly what he wanted and I didn’t mind his choice of chocolate chip cookies (well who would?). So, we were all set. After a whole load of mess, miss-matched measurements and lots of flour on the kitchen floor this is what we achieved:
:: My Wild Child's First Chocolate Chip Cookies ::
There over-sized and we didn’t plan that bit but it did come to our advantage as there was more for us to scoff down.
:: Just look at that "goeeyyyy" GOODNESS! ::
I really enjoy most of “our-time” with my son but cooking/baking together is extra special as I feel we both share the same passion. I just can’t wait till the time he can help me CLEAN UP THE MESS rather than just making it!

What passions do you share with your child/children or would like to nurture into them?

That’s all for now my lovelies,

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