Saturday, 4 August 2012

29th Week: Iron Deficiency!

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I’ve had a Iron deficiency since the early weeks of my pregnancy but earlier this week I received a daunting letter from my GP, informing me that that the iron deficiency has worsen. So, from taking one iron tablet a day I’ve been bumped up to five iron tablets a day!

Until I started taking the five tablets a day this week, I hardly noticed a reaction from the iron tablet but since I’ve been taking five a day I have been feeling really unwell. I’ve been very nauseas, sick, breathless and instead of feel a little bit stronger due to the iron, I’m feel even more weak. I haven’t been able to talk to my GP about these reactions yet but will do in the week ahead. In the meantime, if any of you lovelies have had a similar experience with iron tablets please get in touch and tell me if there’s anything I can do stop them or lessen them.

Due to my troublesome iron deficiency, I haven’t been able to do much this week and most of the things I have done have been from the comfort of my bed. The highlights of this week are very simple but enjoyable and interesting. Here are some of them:

  • Throughout this week I’ve been really enjoying bed-time with my wild child and if you would like to know what our all-time children’s books are then clickity HERE.
  • Started getting Braxton Hicks this week and I don’t like them. However when I got my first few this week I realised I didn’t know what they exactly were so I decided to do some research and wow did I find some interesting  gen! Click HERE to come and read about what I found.
  • I started to prepare for packing my hospital bag and asked for your help in doing so, so please click HERE if you would like to help me.

My unborn sprog has been causing me a lot of discomfort this week; especially the sudden fierce movements have been causing me pain especially when the pressure falls on my pelvic bone. He/she is doing fine. My bumps getting ginormous by the day, I can’t see my feet!

Anyhow that’s my 29th iron deficient week, how’s your week been and what have you been doing?

That’s all for me now, so until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

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