Monday, 13 August 2012

Little Pregnancy Haul

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Over the last week I’ve accumulated a few new bits for my unborn sprog as well as some items for my hospital bag, so I thought a little pregnancy haul post would be fun as I haven’t done one in some time!

I haven’t been able to be out shopping much so most of these items were purchased online:

:: Little Pregnancy Haul ::

Cuddledry Blanket
I haven’t read such great reviews about a baby towel before I stumbled across the Cuddledry towel online at the Mamas & Papas website. Reading about the Cuddledry towel on their website intrigued me straight away due to the description of the design but I still had to do my own snooping around. And, when I did I found plenty of great reviews that convinced me to take the plunge. At £30 a piece it’s quite costly for a baby’s towel but I believe it’s worth it due to the quality and practicality of the towel. However, I can only give you an in-depth review once I use it which will be hopefully in October.

Olive Oil
Well there’s not much to say about this. It’s what I’m going to use to moisturise my baby.

Boots Miniclub Sleepsuits
It’s a pack of three unisex sleepsuits which were on sale for £6.00. I really like the colours and designs of the sleepsuits but at first touch I didn’t like the feel of them, they feel somewhat rough compared to the other sleepsuits I have purchased but I’m going to give them a wash and see if they change. I do hope they get softer as I really like the colours.

SwaddleMe Blanket
Oh I just adore this; it’s so cute and practical. I’m a mother that still worries if my four-year-old is covered or not while his sleeping after tucking him into bed myself! Now, with a newborn I know I’ll be worse but with this little gem I don’t have to sleep with one eye open! The reason I’m so paranoid is because our home is freezing cold in winter and it’s crucial everyone is covered properly so I can’t take any chances and with the SwaddleMe Blanket I don’t have to worry about the baby kicking the blanket of and all sorts etc.

Mothercare Bath Flannels
I had these for my wild child and there great for a multiple of things. I used them to wash him, wipe his dribble, I kept one in the changing bag for sticky fingers and mess while out and about. They could have been softer but I guess there fine for their purpose.

Mothercare Cellular Blanket
This is another product that I used also for my wild child. Like most blankets it’s simple and it serves its purpose.  And, it also washed great and is very durable. I still have my wild child’s one and use it as throw on his junior bed.

The Hydrant Water Bottle
Now, I bought this product as I though it really suits my needs. Due to having stiff joints and muscles it’s not always possible for me to lift drinking glasses and mugs especially when I’m feeling weak and tired. And, I imagine that’s how I’m going to be feeling in labour and after the birth so this is one thing I believe will really aid me. I will let you know how I get along with it after the birth.

Primark Nightie
I bought this to use as my birthing gown. As much as some don’t care about what they’re wearing once they go into labour, I did with my wild child. But, it was too late for me then as I didn’t buy anything to give birth in and I ended up feeling really awkward and conscious while I was in labour. So, this time I’m ready as the last I need is to be worried about how I look when giving birth to a child.

Well, that’s all for me. Have you been shopping lately or accumulated any baby products? If so why not share by using the comment box below.

So, until next time,

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  1. We have so much baby stuff its unreal!! I have the hats and mitts that match those sleepsuits!!(cute!) x


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