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Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants Review

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Throughout my last pregnancy and throughout this pregnancy, my comfort has been the one of the most important things to me. And, I believe to be comfortable it’s important to be in comfortable clothes and that where my Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants come in.
:: Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants ::
Throughout my last pregnancy, I didn’t buy one piece of maternity clothes just solely because I was just fortunate enough to fit into my clothes throughout most of the pregnancy and when I didn’t I just lived in pyjamas. So, when I found out I was pregnant this time I had no intentions of buying maternity clothes as I still do live in pyjamas most of the time. But, what I didn’t anticipate is my tummy getting so big so early in the pregnancy which even made pyjamas uncomfortable at times! Thus, when I was about five months I decided I needed to buy a pair of comfortable pants that I could move around in easily without feeling like someone’s squeezing my tummy.

I popped into my nearest Mothercare and purchased what seemed to be a pair of basic yoga pants in one size larger than my usual size. At £20 pounds I did find them a bit pricey for being basic yoga pants but at the time I just thought it is okay to spend that much on yoga pants as I’m only buying the one pair and I can always where them after I give birth as well. Now would you like to know if it’s a purchase that I regret? Noooooooooooo. I’m glad I bought these yoga pants because there soooooo comfortable and since I’ve bought them, I have lived in them more then I live in my pyjamas. Sorry Pyjamas!

The Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane. The pants have elasticated waistband which can sit over or under the bump (I prefer it under, just in case you’re wondering) It’s machine washable at 40 and can be tumble dried. I found they wash and dry very well and haven’t lost their shape even after the amount of use I’ve put them in.

The Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants are of very good quality and most importantly for me they are super-duper soft. They’re very comfortable for me to just relax in, do my household chores or even some yoga well that’s only if I feel like it.

So, if you’re looking for a pair of fabulous, comfortable, super-soft maternity pants to lounge around in or just get through your pregnancy in then look no further and head down to Mothercare and pick up your pair of the Mothercare Maternity Yoga Pants or click HERE to head over to the Mothercare website (oh don’t I sound like a telesales woman!).

So my lovelies, what are your favourite pieces of maternity clothing especially your maternity pants? Share with me via the comments box below.

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