Thursday, 2 August 2012

What shall I pack for Labour?

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The weather has gone Bi-Polar today, one minute it’s raining and another minute it’s the sun is blazing down on my skin through my double glazed windows. But, there weather’s not the only thing that’s unstable today as I also have been having these sudden persona changes. What it is you see, yesterday being the first of August it dawned upon me that I have only twelve weeks to prepare everything for the baby and that put me in panic mode. Twelve weeks may sound like a long time but due to having such an unstable health and also looking at the way things have been there’s a big chance I’ll be spending a lot of time being bedridden until the birth and even after. Thus, today I’ve been having these sudden moments where I feel like there’s much that needs to be doing and I start panicking, then I relax myself by telling myself that it will be okay as I don’t have to do all of it myself and this cycles has been rolling for the whole day!

Now, what needs to be done, you may wonder. Well as for the main things, I still have the first baby essentials to acquire (click HERE for the list) and I need re-furbish my bedroom which includes purchasing a few bits of furniture so it’s suitable for me and my unborn sprog as we’ll be sharing. I can’t do any of these for now well today, so I’ve decided to plan my labour bag so I can at least have that ready within the next week in case there’s an emergency and I need to in early.

However, I’m a little confused about what to pack on the whole even though this is the second time I’ll be doing this (I can’t remember what I packed last time). I have some idea of the essentials I need to take but there are things I’m not sure about so I decided to make to lists. The first one with the things I know I’m going to take, the second list with the things that I’m not sure if I should take or not and that’s where you come in. I would really appreciate if you lovely ladies could help me with the things that I’m not sure about or even tell me about things that you feel I need to take that aren’t included in my labour bag.

So here are the lists:

List of items that I’m sure about 

  • 10-15 Nappies 
  • Baby Shawl 
  • Baby Towel 
  • Cotton Pads 
  • Olive Oil 
  • Swaddle Wrap 
  • Three Babygros 
  • Three Hats 
  • Three pairs of scratch mitten 
  • Three Pairs of socks 
  • Three Vests 
  • Two Hooded Jackets 
  • 10 Large Cotton Underwear 
  • 2 Nursing Bras 
  • 2 Nursing Gowns/sleeping dresses 
  • 20 Maternity Pads 
  • Breast Pads 
  • Going-home Outfit 
  • Hair Brush, Hair Ties & Head Band 
  • Lansinoh 
  • Toiletries 
  • Towel 
  • Water Spray 
  • Camera & charger 
  • Juice Cartons 
  • Phone & Charger 
  • Snacks

List of Items I’m not sure about 

  • Duvet – As I’m due in October, It’s going to be cold and a duvet is something I can’t be comfortable without at home but my home is quite cold and the hospital might be warm. 
  • Laptop/iPad – I usually don’t sleep much during the night and I need to keep myself occupied but I’m scared of it getting stolen etc. 
  • Pillows

Also, do you think I should pack everything in one big bag or have separate bags for me and the baby?

I hope you lovelies do help me as I’m just baffled. Well, that’s all for now,

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