Tuesday, 7 August 2012

C-Section: To Choose or Not to Choose

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I haven’t been feeling too well and unfortunately I’ve been feeling worse today (yes, poor meL). So, while we sat down to eat our dinner, I couldn’t stop moaning and groaning due to pain and suddenly my wild child’s father popped a question that I’ve been trying to avoid and not think about since I’ve found out I’m pregnant. However, I guess I knew I was going to have to face the question sooner or later. As serious as the matter am I found our small conversation to be quite hilarious when I recall in my mind now:

“If you’re feeling like this now, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO COPE DURING LABOUR???” Wild Child’s Father asked

Argghhhhhhhhhhh, my stomach’s hurtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing” I replied

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED HAVING A C-SECTION?” he questioned demandingly

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, why won’t this pain stopppp. LORD HELP MEEEEEEEEE” I screamed out

“You really need to think about what’s best for you and not just what you’d prefer!” He explained

“Okay, can I get some water please?” I asked and the conversation ended

It might be just my unusual humour that makes me find that conversation hilarious but regardless, getting back to the point at hand you might ask why I am avoiding the question. Well, it’s because a part of me knows that the C-Section is the better option for me but as I’m a strong believer in the natural ways of life, ideally I’d prefer a natural birth with only natural pain relief. So I guess I’m trying to push for a natural birth as much as I can. I have don’t condone or have anything against C-Sections, it’s just that I don’t prefer it over a natural birth.

A natural birth for me is one of the prime moments of the whole bringing a child into the world process. I know a lot of women dread it before and after experiencing it. And, I can’t say my previous experience was easy but still it’s one of the most memorable moments of my life and I don’t want to not have that with this child. And I won’t have it if I have a C-section!

Even though I really really really would like to have a natural birth, I’m being advised left, right and centre to have a C-Section by Medical Professionals, Friends and Family alike. The reasons a C-Section is preferable for me is firstly due to it being less painful, quick and obviously there are less chances of complications. Whereas, in a natural birth there are many complications that I have to be prepared for, for instance, anxiety attacks & hyperventilation, chest tightening, black outs, joints dislocating and becoming immobilised due to joint stiffness etc.

Due to the obvious reasons I haven’t totally ruled out having a planned C-Section, but for now my plan is that I go in with the plan of a natural birth and then if I need to due to the circumstances I can always have an emergency C-section. I have until my 35th week which is five weeks from now to decide and then my birth-plan is going to be drawn up.

So, what do you lovelies think about my conundrum? I could really do with some opinions from women that are in a similar situation or have been in the past.

So, that’s all for now,

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  1. I'm currently deciding this too, its such a massive decision. I have 8 weeks to make up my mind and am nowhere near deciding yet! x


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