Friday, 3 August 2012

My Wild Child the Philosopher!

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“Tomorrow’s not today, so forget about tomorrow!” That’s what my four year old wild child decided to tell me when I and his father where discussing whether I should go shopping tomorrow to buy more baby clothes or not.

Normally, my wild child’s choice of words gives me the giggles as I find them so cute and hilarious. However, today I and his father both were left flabbergasted by my son’s wise words. At that precise point it seemed that the roles swapped, we were the children and he was the parent. I still find it quite bizarre when I think about it.

:: Prawn Curry with Rice & Salad ::
That’s all I have to share with you today as my dinners in front me saying “EAT ME, EAT ME” So, I’ll leave you with a question, what things have your children done that has left you feeling misplaced, weird and amazed all at the same time?

Until next time,

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