Thursday, 23 August 2012

We ♥ The Gruffalo

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“A Gruffalo, what’s a Gruffalo?” “A Gruffalo, why don’t you know?” If you don’t know what the Gruffalo is then you need to hurry down to nearest book store/library and read it. It’s like the BEST “children’s” book ever. Well, they say it’s for children but I don’t agree as I enjoy as much or probably more than the next child!

:: My Wild Child's Completed Gruffalo's Child Puzzle ::

The Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s Child where amongst the first few books I read to my wild child and even now they are some of our most favourites. But my wild child’s love for the Gruffalo has become an obsession! It’s not just the books anymore, its puzzles, online games, stationary etc.

Today, I stared at my wild child while he was occupied with his Gruffalo puzzle, contemplating whether the Gruffalo is going to be a favourite of my second sprog or is it going to be something else and how many hearts has this fictional character won. Honestly looking back at my childhood, I wasn’t read many stories or introduced to many characters until I reached school age and even then I can’t recall any specific character standing out. So, for me it’s quite intriguing seeing my child or other children loving something that is fictional.

Does your household have a favourite or do individuals in your family have different characters they love and looking back at your childhood can you remember if you had a favourite?

That’s it for now folks, so until next time,

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