Monday, 6 August 2012

I can't...Because I'm Pregnant!

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Today has been another day that’s going to go in my diary of blue days! Not feeling too good, my natural instincts started playing up and I started to crave for comfort and soon I realised all the things I was craving for were the things I can’t do, eat, etc. because I’m pregnant. So, then out of curiosity I decided to think of “all” the things that come under “I can’t…Because I’m Pregnant”

Of all the things I came up with, as usual most of it relates back to food but most of them are small but still have been really inconvenient for as they seem to be what I want the most. Feeling really sorry for me I thought I’d lighten my mood by sharing these things with you.

Thus, here’s my “I can’t…Because I’m Pregnant” list:

  • I can’t eat Tiramisu because I’m pregnant. I don’t know about the ready-made shop ones but to make it at home my recipe contains raw eggs which you’re not allowed to consume during pregnancy.
  • I can’t touch my toes because I’m pregnant. Having Joint Hypermobility Syndrome has always made stretching, bending in awkward positions very easy and sometimes it’s a good way to relax my stiff joints and muscles, but due to my humongous bump I’ve been deprived of that advantage as well.
  • I can’t control my emotions because I’m pregnant. Feeling like a vulnerable baby that needs all the attention in the world one minute and feeling like the wicked witch of the west doesn’t sit well with me. And, that’s because I’m a very patient person that likes to be in control but during this pregnancy my emotions have a mind of their own.
  • I can’t stop eating because I’m pregnant. My love for food; cooking, eating, hopefully one day growing are passions that have dominated my life but can you imagine what it feels like when a passion turns into a weakness that there’s no control over? Well, that’s what eating has become for me since I’ve become pregnant. I just can’t stop or say NO!
  • I can’t think straight without worrying because I’m pregnant. My logic and planning skills have seemed too gone out the window. I can’t plan or organise anything without going into frenzy where prior to pregnancy I enjoyed planning and organising.
  • I can’t sleep in my favourite position because I’m pregnant. I’ve always slept on my stomach and I know don’t recommend it but it’s the only position I feel comfortable in and now I can’t do that due to my bump.
  • I can’t lift myself up off the floor because I’m pregnant. I’m use to sitting on the floor whether I’m eating or just generally but now it’s become a problem because as much as I try I can’t get up without help.
  • I can’ walk without wobbling because I’m pregnant. If you’ve seen Blobby then you should understand what I mean by saying I feel like Blobby. Wobbling side-to-side and forward & back. Gosh it’s like my lower legs are springs not bones.
  • I can’t stand the smell of bleach because I’m pregnant. Now, this is weird because most pregnant woman take a liking for the smell of bleach/cleaning products but with me it’s the opposite, I usually like the smell of bleach but due to being pregnant I can’t even take a whiff of it. That makes cleaning impossible!
  • I can’t stop obsessing because I’m pregnant. Whether it’s stuff for my unborn sprog, thinking of taking care of two children, working out mu finances. I just can’t stop obsessing over everything. I’m always thinking about one thing or the other.

Well, those are the things that make the most difference for me, have you got a list of things of “I can’t…Because I’m Pregnant” list and if so will you share it with me?

That’s all for me today, so until next time,

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:


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