Monday, 23 July 2012

A good moan about SPD and Sciatica

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Good evening my lovelies, I hope you’ve had a good day. I haven’t L SPD and Sciatica has been causing me agony all day. So, I’ve decided to have a good moan before calling it a night as if I don’t let out all this frustration I might actually erupt! If you don’t like moans, rants or aren’t just interested then I’ll suggest you stop reading here.

I’ve been suffering from SPD and Sciatica for a month now and it doesn’t seem to want to leave me alone. Like it wasn’t bad enough having weak joints and moody muscles but now I also have to deal with a trapped nerve in my right leg and my pelvic bone feeling like its being crushed together! I’m finding it so hard to sleep at night, my right leg just won’t rest and every time I feel it’s getting better, it actually gets worse. As for the SPD, it’s not constant. It comes on suddenly and I feel like the pelvic bones going to drop off, my legs lock into position and I literally can’t take a step after that. I have to lie down for a few hours to get feeling back in my legs but the pain doesn’t decrease. I’ve ended up with locked legs outside due to the SPD twice now and now I’m so scared of going out. Walking around in the house is bad enough bad at least I’m in my comfort zone and can always sit when I need to, but outside I just feel lost not having anywhere to sit or rest and people automatically assume I’m in labour due to my breathing. The atmosphere just becomes so bizarre and uncomfortable, so for those reasons I think I’m staying put at home or being driven where ever I need to go. No more walking for me

I’m already on very strong pain killers and there isn’t anything stronger the GP can give me so unfortunately I’m stuck with these two new additions to my list of health issue for the rest of the pregnancy and maybe even after.

I really don’t know what to do and can do with any help from any of you darlings that may or might have experienced SPD and Sciatica. Please, please, please give me a helping hand and share any advice you may have.

I’m in so much pain to even moan today but I do feel much better now, I’m sorry if a lot of what I said doesn’t make sense that’s just me when I’m in discomfort. I’m off now to have a hot bath then see if I can get some sleep.

So until next time my darlings,

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