Saturday, 28 July 2012

28th Week: Hot, Hot, Hot!

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Okay, if you live in London, then you should understand by what I mean when I say it’s been HOT, HOT, HOT! And, you might think of me as a miserable, cold person but I don’t like the hot weather. So, this hasn’t been one of my greatest or most comfortable of weeks.

My 28th week has been very painful and mainly due to the Sciatica in my right leg so I’ve had quite a few sleepless nights during this week. Also I haven’t been able to leave the house during the whole week due to crushing pelvic pain. So I’ve been housebound, hot, frustrated due to the humidity (literally feels like there's no air to breath at times) and putting on loads of weight as I’m resorting to a lot of comfort food! Oh, aren’t I going to have a serious breakdown after I give birth to this sprog when I realise how much weight I’ve put on.

:: I ate two slices of Delicious Chocolate Fudge Cake, Very Naughty ::
This week’s been one of those weeks where my curiosity has taken a good hold on me. Earlier on in this hot week I decided to find out “why pregnancy cravings occur?” Click HERE if you would like to find out why and then I decided to do some research on baby products that I’m planning to get (didn’t get far there just confused myself so I need your help, Click HERE to help me please) Yesterday, my wild child decided to drive me up the wall, it might have been the combination of the extremely humid and hot weather with him full of energy alongside with myself being really hungry and weak (NOT A PLEASANT SCENARIO). The whole situation got me wondering about how other mothers manage with their children while being pregnant and I decided to approach mothers in that particular situation out there through a blog post, click HERE if you would like to read it. Last night, I came across some fascinating information on “Co-Sleeping”, the term used to describe mothers/parents sleeping with their newborns/children. So, this piqued my interest so much that I decided to pose mothers/parents with a question “what’s your opinion on Co-sleeping?” If it’s something that piques your interest as much as mine then click HERE.

My unborn sprog is happily joining in with the Olympics in my womb, kicking and pushing down on my pelvic as hard as it can. When my midwife visited this week we heard the horse racing (what my wild child describes the baby’s heartbeat as). The bubble baby sounds fine and according to the measurements of my tummy he/she is growing fine.

So, my 28th week which started of hot, frustrating, painful is now coming to an end and surprisingly it’s not as hot anymore, the sciatica has calmed down and I feel relaxed. Hopefully, the week starting tomorrow will carry on this pleasant rhythm.

Now then, that’s my 28th week. How was/is yours? Come and share your week’s story by commenting below.

That’s all for now so until next time,

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