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Why do we suffer from Headaches & Nosebleeds during pregnancy?

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Throughout the last six months of my pregnancy, I have suffered from headaches often and at times they have been agonising. Before this pregnancy I hardly got headaches and if I did they would only last for an hour at the max and it would prohibit me from getting on with my day. However, the headaches I’ve been experiencing during this pregnancy make me feel paralysed at the time! Why I choose the word Paralysed is because while the ache is present, I can’t talk, eat, lift my head up or even sleep. I can’t bear any noise at all not even talking.

So delighted I was, when a lovely woman from HiPP contacted me with some information on “Headaches & Nosebleeds during Pregnancy” that they wished to share on my blog. I haven’t personally suffered any nosebleeds during pregnancy but I still found the following information very helpful and I hope you do too.

Headaches and Nosebleeds during pregnancy

Two common symptoms of pregnancy are headaches and nosebleeds, they are a normal part of pregnancy, the midwife at Hipp Organic has offered some tips and advice for relieving these symptoms as well as explaining the causes.

Nose Bleeds in Pregnancy

It’s normal for nosebleeds to occur during pregnancy. Pregnant women can easily get nose bleeds attributed to the expansion of blood vessels in the nose and the increased amount of blood pumped through the body during pregnancy. In addition pregnant women can easily get nosebleeds when they have colds, sinus infections or allergies. Asthmatic women are also thought to be more prone nose bleeds in pregnancy.

Coping with nosebleeds

Some things to consider;
•             Try to avoid blowing your nose to hard in pregnancy or explosive sneezing,
•             Try steam inhalation perhaps with a few drops of tea tree oil.

If nose bleeds persist or become regular or heavy seek medical advice.


Headaches are more common during early pregnancy and as with many pregnancy symptoms, this is usually as a result of the massive hormonal changes your body is undergoing.

Some women also find they are more prone to migraines when they are pregnant and that stress or certain foodstuffs can bring them on. If this is the case for you, you should try to pinpoint any thing that acts as a trigger, perhaps by keeping a food diary where you can note down foods and drinks you have consumed and any ill after-effects they have on you.

Try to take some time out to rest if you are feeling under pressure and if the headaches become a real problem your GP may prescribe suitable medication for use during pregnancy.

Tips and tricks to alleviate headaches

•             Try a brisk walk
•             Increasing your fluid intake you may be dehydrated from morning sickness.
•             The occasional paracetamol is safe in pregnancy (always follow advice on the box).

Seek medical advice from your midwife or GP if you often have headaches so they can advise you.

So, that’s all for now my lovelies, I hope you enjoy this post and find it informative.

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