Friday, 27 July 2012

Early Morning Window Shopping for Baby Essentials

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Why am I window shopping for baby essentials at this time? You may ask. Well, I don’t think my body could take any more lying/sleeping so about half an hour ago, I decided to get out of bed just to realise that it’s only five o clock in the morning! I was actually thinking it was at least eight o clock when I woke up but no, I obviously can’t tell the time. And being pregnant one of the things that never leaves my mind is Baby Things!

So, with nothing to do and nothing to watch on tele, I resorted to window shopping for the essentials I’m planning to buy for my little unborn sprog. I’ve found quite a few bits & bobs but I think I’ve managed to really confuse myself as I really don’t know which ones I want to get. Have I confused you yet? I hope I haven’t because I’m hoping you can help with these shopping decisions.

So, here’s the conundrum:

:: Fisher-Price Smart Stages 3 in 1 VS Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance ::

A baby bouncer/rocker/swing is one of the things I feel is really necessary for me to get for my unborn sprog as I doubt my arms are going to have much strength to carry him/her much. Also, my bedroom is upstairs which I’m going to be sharing with my baby and I’m really not comfortable leaving my child upstairs while I’m downstairs in the living room or kitchen. So, the problem is I can’t decide on which one I should get. I have found many that I like but the two main contenders are:

The £85.95, Fisher-Price is a open-top swing, an infant seat which can be taken out of the swing and a toddler rocker all-in-one, which I think is absolutely great. it has features such as five music tunes, a detachable toy bar with two hanging toys, two swing speeds, volume control and is suitable from birth to 18kgs. I’m really drawn to the idea that there more features for the baby and it doesn’t stop at baby as it’s suitable for a toddler as a rocking chair. However, the things that I’m not sure about is that the swing is quite large and may take up some space, it requires four D batteries so how often am I going to have to change them and does a child need that many attractions/distractions? Isn’t the world around them enough? Also, I believe it will take up quite a bit of space when it’s time to pack it away and

Then, the £82.60, Baby Bjorn babysitter balance is simple with three reclining positions, can be folded flat, weighs about two and a half kgs, is suitable from birth to 13kgs (approximately two years old), covers machine washable and that’s about it. I like the simplicity of this one and think it’s a lot more practical as it will take up less space and will be very easy to handle. But, costing more than the other is it worth it without any other features than just being a simple bouncer? I chose this over any other regular bouncer because I want something that I can use until the baby’s one and a half years old, not just six months like most other bouncers & rockers.

:: Medela Swing VS Ameda Lactaline Double Electric Breast Pump ::
I have decided on getting an electric pump for this baby as I had a painful experience with a manual pump last time and it wasn’t because of the quality of the pump but more due to my joints and dislocating fingers.

The £129.99, Medela Swing is single breast pump that I’ve had my eye for some time now. It has a two phase pumping process, is ideal for being out and about and has a comfortable soft breastshield. When I first read up on the Medela Swing I was very impressed by all the positive reviews but today I’ve come across a lot reviews that are negative. I know you always get good and bad reviews especially on products like this where personal preferences matter but it’s not just the reviews that have made me think twice about going for the Medela Swing, it’s the comparison between the two products.

The £129.99, Ameda Lactaline Double Electric Breast Pump attracts me because for the same price as the Medela Swing I can pump both breasts at the same time instead of just one. Secondly, there are a total of 32 combinations for speed and suction levels so you can choose the most comfortable setting for you. All the other features seem to be similar to the Medela Swing and I’m yet to read a bad review on this.

Well, I hope you me decide which way to go as I have no clue. Moving on for the confusion here’s just a few other things I’ve decided I’m going to get. Have a look and tell me what you think of them:

:: Mamas & Papas Acqua Two Stage Ergo Bath £28.00 ::
:: Cuddledry Towel £24.99 ::
:: SwaddleMe Wrap Blanket £9.99 ::

So, that's about it for the baby essentials I found in tonight's session window shopping. What do you think of my little imaginary spree?

Well, I think that's a interesting start to my day, now I'm going to go and have some very early, big, pregnancy breakfast.

So, until next time,

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  1. Shopping for items for the little ones has always been fun yet sometimes it can be daunting considering the wide array of choices available. However, the wrap blanket is just adorable!


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