Friday, 27 July 2012

Managing children while Pregnant

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Arghhhhh, I feel like pulling out my hair. It’s hot, I’m hungry and my four year old won’t stop throwing tantrums. On any other day I’d be able to ignore his little outbursts, they normally make me laugh! But, today I feel like my head’s splitting. So, I’m wondering how you mothers out there manage with your children while being pregnant. What are your secrets? Does it come naturally or is there a method to the madness?

I know it’s one of those things that you seem to find ways once you’re in the situation but it must be hard at times, I know it is for me and I only have one child. So, what about you mothers that have more than one child? My wild child normally doesn’t cause me much trouble and even today I think it’s more the weather and the pregnancy that’s consumed me but his tantrums are just topping it off.

So far in this pregnancy I’ve found it quite easy coping with being pregnant as well as a mother mentally (physically is a whole different story) compared to how I anticipated I was going to cope.  But, I believe I can’t really compare myself to other mothers out there that have to deal with the care of their children as well as themselves, as my wild child’s care is mostly (about 80%) maintained by his father and his father also takes care of my health and the household chores!  The hardest thing for me is coping with my wild child’s energy physically. I’m too tired normally to interact with him in any way that requires movement or some heavy breathing. At times my mood also affects in how I react to his excitement for example I find him too loud that I feel like going deaf but that’s about it for my struggle. So in all honesty, I have no idea on how it feels to be a pregnant mother that juggles everything together.

So, if you are one of those mothers than please share your experience as I’m really curious about how it feels and how it’s managed.

I hope to hear from you lovelies and I’m going to leave it here for now,

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