Monday, 30 July 2012

All-time Favourite Children's Books

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While putting my wild child to bed tonight, I realised that even though he’s four years old, his all-time favourite books haven’t changed much since he could choose his own book and he started doing that from the age of 13 months.

I and wild child’s father love reading whether that’s his daily paper or my conspiracy fiction and it’s a passion that I wanted to make sure our child take inherits. So, we both have read to him nearly every day since he entered this world but my wild child’s first experience of story time wasn’t here in our home it was in his first home, my womb. The first time I read to him was the day I found out I was pregnant (wow, that was five years ago, how time flies?).

Tonight, I realised my wild child’s favourites book from a few years ago are still the ones he reaches for alongside with other additions. So, I thought I’d share his favourites with you, well our all-time favourites:

:: My Wild Child's All-time Favourite Books ::

The Hungry Caterpillar
This is one of his first books and he has loved it. Especially the page with all the food on it for all seven days! I personally love this book because the story’s so simple but interesting with all the different foods and the vivid colours. I think this is a great baby book as it’s catchy to the eyes and my wild child even found it interactive as he could stick his little tiny fingers into the wholes which are on each food. The story is about a caterpillar from when he is an egg, all the way to when he turns into a butterfly. It concentrates on the food that he eats on each day.

The Best Nest
This book was also an addition when he was still a newborn. I just loved the colours, little bits of glitter and the big pictures which make my eyes want to pop out. From when he was a baby he loved the noisy words, such as “Splish! Splosh!”, “Crunch! Scrunch!” and “Swish! Swish!”  The story is about an owl that finds his own home too squashy and leaves to explore the habitats of other animals that look so comfortable but realising none of them are suitable for him he returns to his nest after concluding that’s the only one that’s right for him.

Tabby Mctat
This is a book, I’ve probably ready more times than I’ve read anything else in my lifetime! My wild child went through a phase where we had to read this to him every night whether it was on its own or after another book but whatever the case it had to be read to him. Now, his settled down but still reaches for every so often. The pictures are more full compared to the other books, which is nice as there’s more things too look at or in our case “find”. My son loves everything about this book but especially the rhymes which are my favourite as well. The story is about Tabby Mctat, a cat who loses his long-time busker friend and initially they both have no-luck finding each other, so they get on with their lives. Tabby Mctat finds a new home, a wife and has kittens but still misses his busker friend so he goes to look for him and one day finds him, but then he realises that he prefers the his new but doesn’t want to upset the busker, however to his luck his youngest kitten wishes to be the buskers cat which is the happy ending to the story.

So, those are my wild child’s all-time favourite books, what are your child/children’s all-time favourite books?

Bed-time for me so until next time,

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