Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Fun Day in the Library

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As the post title states, I’ve spent the day having fun with my wild child at the Library. I must admit today’s visit was probably the third visit he has had to the library. Even though, I love the place and think it’s somewhere that should be crucial part of every child’s life, I haven’t been able to get round to taking him much due to many reasons but the most obvious one being my health. However, recently I’ve decided I’m going to try my best to make sure my wild child visits the library atleast once every two weeks.

My wild child likes his books but recently his found a new love for the TELEVISION! And, as I’ve described before in a previous post, that I detest the idea of a child watching cartoons, children’s programs all the time (click HERE if you would like to read it). So, today I wanted him to rekindle his love for the pages that can take us round the world while we sit in bed!

And did it happen? Well I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

:: The first book he picks "Just Like My Dad" How typical? ::

:: Can't decide on what to take home ::

:: So excited about his very first Library Card ::

I must say he was a lot more excited about getting his own library card then taking books home as according to him we have lots of books at home. But, I guess having your very own first library card is something to be excited about.

So, what did you do today and when was the last time you/your children visited the library?

Until next time,

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