Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy Day: Labour Preparations Complete

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As I packed my Labour bag yesterday, I thought I’d carry on and finish off all my labour preparations today (well, whatever I can do before hand). Most of it has been packing but I did have to make care arrangements for my wild child as well as do some last minute household shopping to make sure everything is stocked up for after the birth.
I didn’t go food shopping myself as it’s become too much for me to handle so I sent wild child’s father with a long shopping list (if only I could show his face when I handed him over the list, he looked like he saw a ghost!). And, I’m not going to bore you with the long list but here are a few of my cupboard essentials:

:: Just a glimpse of my shopping ::
I spent quite a bit of time packing as I had to pack not one but three bags. Two for me and one for my wild child.
:: That's all the packing done for now ::
I’ve chosen to pack two separate hospital bags, the blue case is to take into labour with me (click HERE to see what’s in this my labour bag) but as I’ve only packed for one day (I hope I don’t have to even stay that long!) I’ve packed another bag, the floral weekend bag with more clothes and stuff that I’m going to leave at home and someone can pick it up/bring it for me if I have to stay longer than a day. As it’s only a fifteen minute drive from my home to the hospital I think it’s a practical plan, don’t you?
I’m hoping my wild child can stay at home with my sister but in-case that’s not possible I’ve arranged for him to spend the time at his grans and I’ve packed him an over-night bag with his essentials, his blue rucksack.
Well, that’s all my preparations and oh do I hope I haven’t missed anything. The only thing left which I can’t do until closer to my due date or on the day I go into hospital is pack a bag full of food and drink for me to take into labour with me.
So, that brings me to the end of this post, until next time,
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