Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Pregnancy Eating Diary: Day Three

:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Greetings *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

:: My Pregnancy Eating Diary: Day Three ::
Hello my lovelies how are you and how has your day been? I’m not feeling to well so I’m going to quickly tell you about what I ate today and then call it a night.
So, Day Three of My Pregnancy Eating Diary consisted of:

:: Good Old Kellogg's Cornflakes ::
Plain and simple Cornflakes for Breakfast. I know you can barely see any milk but there was a little. I like make Cornflakes crunchy not soggy!

:: Now you may disagree but that just look delicious to me! ::
For lunch I had Chips slathered with Tomato Ketchup, Chilli Sauce and Salt. Not the healthiest of lunches but very fulfilling.

:: These little gems are just splendid ::
For an early evening snack I had Crostinis with a tomato, red onion and black olive topping. I love these, there so simple, quick to make and still very sophisticated.

:: Chicken Wrap with Couscous Salad, yummm ::
Dinner was Chicken Wrap with Couscous Salad. Light but still left me feeling like a gorger!

:: Juicy Plums ::
A few plums (three exactly) for dessert.
Now, I’m off to bed so until next time,
:-•:*"*:•.-:¦:-•* Ta-ra *•-:¦:-•:*'''*:•-:

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