Sunday, 9 September 2012

My Pregnancy Eating Diary: First Day

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Throughout my pregnancy people have asked me about what food I’ve been eating, if there are massive changes in my portions, how many times I eat a day etc. And, today one of my darling friends asked me for a detailed description of all the things I ate yesterday! Weird or what? Why are people so fascinated with a pregnant woman’s diet? Anyhow, all of this gave me an idea and what is it do you ask? Well, a pregnancy eating diary obviously! I know it’s not really obvious but I like saying “obviously”.

So, I’ve decided for this week, the 35th Week of my pregnancy I’m going to blog at the end of every day before I go to bed about what I eat and everything I eat throughout the whole day. I’m going to brutally honest even if it makes me come across as a GLUTTON. Every meal, snack, bite is going to be included so please BE AWARE!

Thus, today is the first day of My Pregnancy Food Journal and here is what I ate today.

:: My Pregnancy Eating Diary: First Day Breakfast ::
This was my breakfast, a small one consisting of a sausage, two pieces of salami, some baked beans and half of a piece of toast (wild child had the other half). I don’t normally opt for such a small breakfast but for some reason I didn’t want anything large this morning.

I’ve been so occupied with installing our new washing machine that arrived this afternoon that I ACTUALLY SKIPPED LUNCH! I know it’s not good but honestly I didn’t mean to by the time I felt hungry again and realised I didn’t have any lunch it was time for dinner.

:: My Pregnancy Eating Diary: First Day Dinner (First Serving) ::
For Dinner, Wild Child’s father made Seafood in a Very Very Very Spicy Tomato Sauce that was served with spaghetti and salad. And, boy did I enjoy this it was just scrumptious. So delicious, that I had two large servings.
:: My Pregnancy Eating Diary: First Day Dinner (Second Serving) ::

After that I didn’t have any space for dessert, so that’s all I had today.

What did you treat or deprive your tummy of today? Please do share using the comment box below.

Well, that’s me for tonight, so until next time,
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