Saturday, 15 September 2012

My Pregnancy Eating Diary: Last Day

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:: My Pregnancy Eating Diary: Last Day ::
THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF MY PREGNANCY EATING DIARY! I’ve enjoyed sharing what I’ve eaten throughout this week but to be honest I don’t think I could do it for any longer if I had to. My diet is so irregular and I don’t have set times for eating just eat when I’m hungry. So, finding the camera everytime I’ve decided to eat something has been quite frustrating at times, especially when it’s early (five o clock) in the morning or just after I’ve woken up due to feeling hungry.
Anyway, so here is what I ate today:
:: Now these little gems are delicious ::
This is what I had for breakfast as I wasn’t too hungry and just wanted something to remove the empty void in my stomach. I have recently discovered these little gems and I love them. Nature Valley Bars are just splendid!
:: My Favourite Sub ::
Subways for lunch, this was just scrumptious. I made wild child’s father pick it on the way home. Don’t you just love a good Sub? Well, everyone in my house does!
:: Boroi Tenga, Yummy Yum Yum in my Tummy Tum Tum! ::
This is what I ate for dinner, Boroi Tenga, now that’s what this dish is called. It’s a watery broth made with a certain type of dried berry called Boroi and small fish called Khakia which are both native to my homeland, Bangladesh. We eat the broth with rice. I love this dish and it’s one of my favourites since I’ve been a child so I’m really glad that my wild child loves it too. However, wild child’s father doesn’t take to it much not because it doesn’t taste nice but more because its water based!
Before I end my pregnancy eating diary, here’s a roundup of what I ate each day of this week
:: First Day ::
:: Day Two ::
:: Day Three ::
:: Day Four ::
:: Day Five ::
:: Day Six ::
:: Last Day ::
So, that’s I for my pregnancy eating diary. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Until next time,
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