Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mini Micro Scooter Review

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Since, my wild child received his Mini Micro Scooter for his birthday present in June he just won’t go anywhere without it. My wild child has a trike and a bike but he hardly ever uses them. There’s never a specific reason he just never seems interested in them. So, when it came to buying him this scooter I was a little worried about it being stuck in some corner of the house and me eventually regretting buying it. But, to my surprise it turned out to be the opposite! From the day of his birthday he has always jumped at the chance of riding/scooting on his scooter. And now whenever his going out whether it’s down to the local shops or the other side of London there’s always the question “Mummy can I ride my scooter please?”

So, for the love my wild child has for his scooter and the love I have for him I’m going to do a review on the Mini Micro Scooter.

:: My Wild Child Zooming on his Mini Micro Scooter, Zoooooooom ::
We purchased the Mini Micro Scooter Blue which has a T-Bar handle and is suitable for three to five year olds. I find the appearance to be simple but still classic and it doesn’t look cheap like some of the other children’s scooters I’ve seen. I believe the blue deck, silver metal T-bar with the orange brake cover is quite eye-catching. My wild child was very pleased with the fact that it was “BLUE” when he initially unwrapped the Mini Micro Scooter but I think he would have been chuffed with whatever colour he got!

The structure of the Mini Micro Scooter has a great build, is very sturdy and after many tiny crashes nothing has snapped, cracked or simply broke of like I was expecting. Even though it looks very light and the wheels look like their easy to break, it’s not that light and the wheels will go a long way. My wild child zooms on this little gem like his escaping dinosaurs or some huge danger behind him and he looks so smooth, totally in-control like his been doing it for years! But actually it’s the smoothness of the Mini Micro Scooter that allows him to ride it at the speed he does without losing control. All he has to do to turn corners is lean to the corresponding side. He actually likes riding it by swivelling side to side. At times my over-protective motherly emotions kick in seeing him go so fast and I start worrying about the speed but I instantly put myself at is due to the great brake which is very easy to use (all he has to do is put his put down on it).

We love the Mini Micro Scooter and even though its sells around the £50 mark it’s one piece of fun that I’d happily re-purchase again and again if something happened to this one. So, if you’re looking to purchase a children’s scooter I’d recommend that you have a look at the Micro Scooters. They come in several colours, have a variety of scooters suitable for different age groups and have plenty of additional accessories to personalise the scooter. I purchased the Mini Micro Scooter from Micro-Scooter website for £49.95 with an additional delivery charge of £5.95. If you’re interested in more information on the Mini Micro Scooter or would like to purchase it click HERE.

Well I hope you find this review helpful.

I’m going to be off now so until next time,

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  1. I am looking for a high quality kick scooter. Last year I bought one from a garage sale and its front wheel fell off in the first week. Any recommendations regarding it will be appreciable.
    mini scooter

    1. Hi Peter,

      I'm sorry to here about the scooter. What age-group is the scooter for? The Mini Micro Scooter is the first scooter in my household and I swear by it. Can't vouch for it but I'm pretty sure that all the Micro Scooters are great. Have you had a look at their range?

      Kind Regards

  2. I think this scooter doesn't work fine on such kind of bricks it works perfect on plan way cause this has so small wheel. Anyways thanks for sharing your your kid loving scooter.

  3. Micro scooters are for kids having ages between 2-5 years. Kids are always happy to purchase micro scooters as it is of children’s choice.

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