Monday, 17 September 2012

My New Discover, Reading Eggs

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Okay, Recently I’ve been trying to teach my wild phonics, but not knowing them myself I’ve it quite hard. So, I went looking for some interactive help and I discovered Reading Eggs!
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Basically, it’s an online reading program for children from the age of four up to the age of thirteen. It has been developed by educational teachers, writers and developers. The Reading Eggs program focuses on the phonics and sight words. It teaches children how to read through several different activities. It’s a subscription based program priced at £29.95 for six months or £39.95 for 12 months.
I’ve signed up for a fourteen day trial to see how my wild child gets on. We had a try today and found it to be good fun, the program has an easy interface to use that my wild child managed to get on well. He didn’t want to end the session. My first impression of it is that it looks like a very well designed program and I can see it the program benefit my wild child greatly.
I shall let you know my final thoughts once we get through this trial. In the meantime if you have any experience of this program or any other children’s reading program please do share your thoughts using the comment box below.
Also, if you would like more information on Reading Eggs please click HERE.
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