Saturday, 1 September 2012

33rd Week: Disappointed...

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My 33rd Week has been full of bad news that has left me very disappointed. Firstly, my midwife told me that due to the SPD (I recently wrote up a post on SPD, click HERE to read it) and Sciatica, I will not be able to give birth in my local midwife run birth centre. Instead, I’m planned to give birth in the Labour ward. I gave birth to my wild child in the Labour ward and as much as the service provided to me was fantastic, I found the overall atmosphere very appalling. Two midwives argued in front of me and one made the other cry! I was scared enough just from being there in the delivery room knowing I’M GOING TO HAVE A BABY! But, too top it off I had to experience a very emotional quarrel between the people that are supposed to be delivering my baby!

Initially, when I found out I was pregnant this time round I didn’t think I had much of a chance to give birth in the birth centre as I considered myself to be high-risk due to the Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and my frequent black-outs/faints. So I was prepared to have my unborn sprog in the labour ward until my midwife told me that the Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and Black-outs aren’t considered as high-risks and I will be able to give birth in the birth centre. Thus, I’ve been planning to give birth in the birth centre and I’ve been overjoyed about it as the reviews for the birth centre are remarkable and outstanding. Well overjoyed until earlier this week when my midwife said that due to severity of the SPD and Sciatica I won’t be able to give birth in the birth centre. So, that’s the first bit of news that’s left me disappointed this weekL.

The second bit of news that’s left me disappointed in my 33rd Week is that I can’t co-sleep with my baba once it’s born! Oh, I feel like cryingL. If you’ve read my post on Co-Sleeping then you’d know how much co-sleeping means to me (if you haven’t read the post and would like to read it click HERE). I’m being told that due to the medication I’m on it wouldn’t be safe for me sleep with the baby! I don’t disagree with the notion and I’m not upset over it because nothings more important than the safety of my children but I’m just disappointed with my whole situation itself!

Next up is my new stand mixer that I was given as a present. Oh how I was looking forward to having a stand mixer! The last few years I’ve been coping with a hand mixer and it didn’t do my arms any good. But just for the love of baking I put up with swollen elbows, subluxating shoulders, stiff fingers etc. So, when I unwrapped my present and saw a stand mixer you can guess I was over the moon! But, the thing is unbelievably rubbish! It wouldn’t even cream butter and sugar together properly! Now, if that shouldn’t leave me disappointed then how should it leave me?

So, yes I’ve been feeling disappointed most of the week and maybe the disappointment has been emphasised due to the physical pain I’ve been feeling this week. Despite feeling disappointed, I am very pleased as I only have six weeks till my due date and I hope my little sprog debuts on time.

As for my unborn sprog, he/she is growing fine and my bump is the “perfect size” according to the midwife. My unborn sprog is also getting ready to make an entrance as he/she is already in the correct position (head down).

My wild child has become more impatient than me for this baby to come out. I hear “WHEN WILL THE BABY COME OUT???” at least twice a day. Cute but very annoying!!!

Well, that’s my 33rd Week which I’m very disappointed with! How was/is yours??

Until next time,

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