Saturday, 15 September 2012

My 35th Week: Annoying...

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Annoying is the word that springs to my mind when I try to describe my 35th week in one word. To describe it in several words I’d use “annoying”, “disappointing”, “frustrating” and the list can go on. Why, has my 35th week been so annoying? Well, where shall I start….
Firstly, I’ve been feeling really unwell this week and that’s limited what I’ve been able to accomplish. As I only had five weeks left until my due date I planned out what I need to do each week in order to have everything ready before my unborn sprog makes his/her entrance. But, due to excruciating pain in my pelvis, severe fatigue and the occasional subluxation I haven’t been able accomplish this week’s targets!
Secondly, one of the hobs on my cooker is not working and that’s the hob that I use the most due to being the largest and being in front. So, not being able to use it has been very annoying as it’s takes longer to cook on the other hobs!
Then, there’s today. I thought my last bit of crucial baby shopping will be done by wild child’s father but I just found out that it’s not possible today. Worse bit is I wasn’t even given a reason so that’s really annoyed me.
Despite all the things that have been annoying this week, I have managed to complete all my labour preparations (click HERE to have a look at my labour bag).
:: My Labour Bag ::
My unborn sprog is as active as usual, at times a bit too active which have caused me quite a bit of discomfort. Other than that I think we’ve all gone passed being excited and now we’re more anxious than anything.
This was my annoying 35th week, how was/is yours?
That’s all for now so until next time,
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  1. I hope week 36 is better for you, so close now!
    I'm on week 33 and i'm tired and uncomfortable and looking forward to the end! x

    1. Thank you, I hope it's better too. I hope your pregnancy's going well. I totally understand how you feel. I can't wait till this baby comes out as well x


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