Monday, 3 September 2012

Finally, I've chosen a Cot Bed!

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Since the beginning of last week when I realised I will not be able to co-sleep with my unborn sprog once he/she is born, I’ve been looking for alternative sleeping arrangements for him/her. I’ve been considering Cribs, Cradles, Moses Baskets, Cots and Cot Bed etc. Finally, I’ve chosen a Cot Bed!

Long after weighing the pros and cons between all of the choices mentioned above, I concluded that a cot bed is the most suitable for us. The reason I chose a cot bed is because I really like the idea that my child can use it up to the age of five/six years old. And, I didn’t see the point of spending half the amount of money of a cot bed on a Moses basket, crib or cradle which he/she can only use for 6 or so months. Now you might think that was the hard part but no you’d be wrong if you’re thinking that. Choosing a cot bed was the hardest part!

From the colour to the shape everything just made it really hard for me to choose. Whether the number of mattress positions is critical to having a dropside, all just boggled my mind. A dropside seemed crucial to me as lifting and placing my baba out/in of the cot is going to be hard with my weak limbs! But to my surprise not many cot beds had this option and I thought it’s a feature if not all, most cot/cot beds have. So, that kind of narrowed down the search. Then, it was the colour. As I'm planning to re-decorate my bedroom with a white theme and me and my baba will be sharing the bedroom, it only made sense to choose a white cot. But this wasn’t easy. In the end I managed to find a handful of cot beds that were white, had a dropside and were within my budget.

So, after a week of Cot Bed searching here’s the one I’ve ordered:

:: Saplings Victoria Cot Bed in White ::
Isn't it adorable? It’s The Saplings Victoria Cot Bed in White. It has two mattress positions and a Dropside. When turning into a toddler bed the end panel splits in half. The cot bed doesn’t include a mattress so I’ve also ordered a Saplings Sprung Foam Mattress. I’ve ordered both from Tesco. The cot bed costs £156.00 and the mattress costs £59.94. Totalling £218.94 including a £3.00 delivery charge. If you’re interested in cot bed please click HERE and for the mattress click HERE.

To complete my baba’s nest I’ve ordered a white bedding set to go with it which is so lovely. I can’t wait for it all to arrive and I can see the whole thing together.

What sleeping arrangements did/do you have for you little one and if you did purchase it, how did you come across choosing it?

Anyway, that’s all for now,

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