Thursday, 13 September 2012

"Mummy, where did the baby come from?"

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This question is for all mummies out there with two or more children. How did you or would you answer “mummy, where did the baby come from?” “Mummy, how did the baby get inside your tummy?” and the ultimate one “how is the baby going to get out of your tummy mummy?” when asked by your little one/ones?
These are the questions my wild child has been asking since he found out “there’s a baby inside mummy’s tummy”.  I’ve tried to answer them correctly as much as I can each time I ask, but my answers seem to always lead onto other questions which I ultimately leads onto me thinking “what do I say, how do I explain this one?”
For example let’s take the first question:
I’m asked  “mummy, where did the baby come from?”
my answer to that is “it came from abby (daddy)”
but then I’m asked “did abby have it in his tummy?”
My answer is “no baby, it was somewhere else”
My wild child insists on knowing where and asks “Somewhere else where mummy?”
I answer “it was in one of abby’s privart parts”
Then the one where I get stuck, “how did it get inside you?”
Now my answer to that is “it’s something that adults do and you will know when you’re older!”
The questions don’t stop there but I always manage to change the subject or diver his attention somehow, but why do I feel guilty about leaving him confused? Is there a proper way of explaining the human reproductive system to a four year old?
So, I want to know how you mummies out there explained it to your child/children or did you avoid the subject on the whole? Please share as it might help me explain this a bit better to my wild child as right now I’m pretty sure he knows that there’s more to it then “mummy’s telling him”
Anyway, I’m going to go and write up the last of today’s post which is Day Five of My Pregnancy eating Diary. So stick around to see what I fed my tummy today.
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