Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ennis Fitness Gym Ball Review

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If you have been following my blog over the last few months, you have probably noticed that I’ve been suffering from chronic SPD and Sciatica. If you haven’t been following or haven’t noticed then click HERE and HERE to read about my sufferings. And, if you don’t know what SPD is then click HERE to find out what it is. Anyway this is where the Ennis Fitness Gym Ball comes in.

:: The Ennis Fitness Gym Ball, My Relief for SPD, Sciatica & Back Pain ::
The Ennis Fitness Gym Ball has been vital in my management of the pain and agony. At times it’s the only thing that’s helped. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it. When I was diagnosed a few months ago with SPD and Sciatica by my GP, She and my midwife advised me to get a gym ball or birthing ball. I was told to sit on for at least half an hour a day and also when I’m in pain, that it would help take the pressure of my pelvis and back. And fiddlesticks, were so correct! Until I got it and tried it I was cynical that “a gym ball” would help me with the pain and my previous experience of joint pains has proved to me that most things don’t help to take the pain away, they just distract me for a while or numb my nerves so I don’t feel the pain. But, I still wanted to give it a go and I’d been meaning to a get a gym ball for the last year to do some Pilates but never came round to buying one so this time I had all the reasons to make myself go and get one.
All the birthing balls that I looked at where around the price of £15.00 to £20.00, I didn’t want to spend that much money on something that I assumed wasn’t going to work or I wouldn’t make great use of. So, I decided to buy a non-slip gym ball instead. My first choice was the Davina Mccall Gym Ball but it was out of stock so I opted for this one, the Ennis Fitness Gym Ball. The reason I opted for this one is because the reviews where good and it was on sale for £9.74 (original price £12.99). And, am I glad I got it, yes I am. I make sure I sit on it for at least half an hour a day and I also sit on it when my pelvis plays up. And like my GP and midwife said it literally takes all the pressure of my pelvis. After sitting on it my pelvis and back actually feel stronger and not like they’re going to crack! It doesn’t take the pain away for good but if you’ve suffered from SPD then you’ll understand what I mean when I say that even the relief just when sitting on it is a god-send!
The Ennis Fitness Gym Ball is all that it claims to be, 65cms height once pumped up, sturdy and of great quality. It comes with a foot pump and the instructions to inflate and deflate are very easy to follow. Personally, I can’t pump it up without my ankle swelling but wild child’s father does it in a jiffy. Some of the reviews I read claim that the ball can only be pumped to 55 cm not the specified 65cm but we haven’t had that problem. I found it’s stays inflated for at least four to five days with me, my wild child and his father using it daily (well myself using it and them playing on it). It looks like a quality piece of gym equipment but I would prefer brighter colours. However, that’s just my preference.
So, if your suffering from SPD, Sciatica, Back pain and don’t have one of these then do yourself a favour and get one of these as soon as possible. Honestly, I can’t justify the relief the Ennis Gym Ball provides in words. You just have to try it. Even, if you’re just looking for a good gym ball or birthing ball then the Ennis Gym Ball is a great choice. I got mine from Argos and currently Argos is selling it for £10.39. So if you’re interested in the ball then click HERE or pop down to your nearest Argos.
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