Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Pregnancy Eating Diary: Day Four

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All right, the day has come to an end and that means it’s time for you to know what my tummy has consumed today! Day four of my pregnancy eating diary already, wow.
:: My Pregnancy Eating Diary: Day Four ::
Well, today I have ate to my satisfaction. The number of meals and the amount I’ve eaten is up to my usual standards.
:: My humble staple meal, Salad & Rice ::
This was my two A.M meal. I was really hungry but didn’t want anything to heavy so rice and salad did the job.
:: I know it looks very messy ::
For breakfast I had a large fry up. Toast, Scrambled eggs, Fried pieces of Salami, Fried pieces of tomato and Heinz spaghetti. I must admit that was even too much for but it didn’t stop me from gobbling it all up.
:: "NOT Subways, it's Mumsway" like my wild child says"
Lunch, was my home-take on my and my wild child’s favourite Subway sandwich. Turkey breast, cheese slices, lettuce, black olives, sweetcorn, cucumber, jalapenos in between a toasted warm baguette. Oh thinking about it now is making me hungry. For dessert I had a Plum!
:: My yummy scrummy dinner ::
:: My Seconds.... ::
A Prawn and vegetable dish served with rice was what I ate for dinner. It was so yummy that I had seconds and wanted thirds but I knew I couldn’t finish thirds!

Well that’s my tummy’s work for today? What did you eat today?
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